BLUH Vs Blackhawk

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Winerack, Sep 8, 2003.

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  1. The very hot official duty rumour, which is more than just a rumour, is that that piece of junk called BLUH is under threat from the dream machine. All to do with costing, the Lielands machine is currently a couple of million more than the dream machine per airframe. Unless the Lielands people can convince (B***e) the powers that be, (their Airships), their heap of junk may just be in danger.

    Hooraa !

  2. Will never ever happen.

    1. Govn is obliged to buy from Westlands by default. Keep digging them out of the mire. Whatever the cost.

    2. B'hawk will never happen in AAC hands. To much treading on SH feet.

    3. Watch this space for an update.
  3. Agree with Flash, worth noting that were not buying new helicopters...were updating the current fleet ie in goes MK7 out comes BLUH...cant see that working with in goes MK7 out comes Blackhawk.
  4. mmmm, now have stupid mental image of a Lynx going through a smoke filled door muttering "and tonight Mathew, I am going to be............."
  5. .................................. a real helicopter with slim pilots, that doesn't crash every five minutes, killing your pals