Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Do you still get slabbed for getting more than 10 blueys in a day?
  2. Should depend on where you are Falklands definitely, Op Herrick is a bit patchy for delivery none for week or two then a sack load
  3. aaaw Iron...can you feel the love matey :D
  4. I thought you would appreciate photo blueys of my arrse, and the dog's arrse, and my shoes.

    Another 12 on the way tomorrow. Keep your chins up sweetcheeks xxx
  5. did you send the 'special' valentines one yet slug??
  6. The speshul Valentines can wait till Tuesday. How will we fit the Rice Pudding into the envelope?
  7. Road kill in a jiffy bag is always a good 'en. Brighten up anyone's day.
  8. Or a shite in a shoe box.

    Stop giving me ideas!!!!!
  9. are we not photocopying our arrses anymore then??
  10. Not since you shattered the last photocopier and I had to pick the pieces of glass out of your folds.
  11. On Telic 6 i sent the whole Sqn hierarchy an E-Bluey pretending to be from NAAFI thanking them for all the hard work they had done and to show gratitude, they could go to the EFI and reclaim $15 worth of stuff. Swarms of SNCOs went over to EFI to try and buy fags with it. Very funny.
  12. What is a bluey? tried arrsepedia but can't find anything. Is it a crank email?
  13. Wahh
  14. no wah just retarded me :hump:

    at least i know what a wah is!