Bluey scandal

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Sep 22, 2003.

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  1. Is it true that if you are on exercise, it has to last longer than 56 days before you can send blueys home for free?
  2. Have checked with BFPO and they say that all forces mail from Canada requires stamps. They didn't say why but then I guess they have better things to do. Curious though.
  3. When i was in the gulf in 91 my mother went to the post office for blueys and was given one. She asked for more only to be told they had been rationed!
  4. Some post offices are still ike that. And blueys are actually white now!
  5. Try the e-bluey. It can be a bit of a trial setting the thing up but once you're up and running, the system works really well and accesses any BFPO address. I was getting e-blueys anywhere between 2-12 hrs after they were being written in the Gulf.
  6. I tried e-bluey's earlier this year to mates in Iraq. Most were getting them that day ! Good system if you have the correct location/BFPO number.
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  9. Just to put a correct picture on the Bluey scandal, the first thing to appreciate is that there is no such thing as “Fee mail” every single item sent or received via the BFPO system has to be paid for. This is done by the BFPO staff counting the Blueies and sending a return each month for central billing. I believe each individual Bluey costs the government .29P?

    Exercises and Operations are not to assume that they will be granted free mail, each Ex and Op is considered against the welfare package. What is given automatically to every service man or woman is a dispensation of UK inland rates. This is not to be sniffed at, try sending a 30 Kilo parcel to a mate in Australia then complain about the cost of a BFPO item.

    Service personnel stationed in Canada can send mail to BFPO’s and the UK at UK inland rates and no they are not entitled to free mail! Why should they? If you are serving in say Edinburgh and you want to send a letter to London, you have to pay for it.

    Here is an example; my brother is serving in the Royal Australian Air Force and during the start of the Gulf war his was posted on Op Tour to Kuwait. I (a serving soldier) was posted a little further forward than the Aussies. My Mother sent me some stuff, the usual socks and wet wipes for free in a 2KG packet. She attempted to send my brother the same items at the same weight yet was charged for postage for Australia and the item took two month to be received.

    The British Forces Post Office is the best. This is not an idle boast by some drunken soldier who recons his regiment is better than yours, this is a fact. The American APO can beat us in price to the states but not international and we can equal their speed to the States. It should be remembered that there is only three nations with a full time regular military mail system and that is: Canadian Forces – American APO and BFPO.

    The next time you winge about our service why not try the Egyptian mail system or wait until you go to say Rwanda and sent a gift via the Rwanda Post? We, the Posties are the best at our trade in the world, can you say that? Well of course you can say it but are you really the best? Mmmmmmmmmmm?
  10. Well said that man (or woman).
  11. BFPO, I certainly wasn't complaining - just enquiring (see my initial and follow-up posts) so please don't take offence.

    Your response is (mostly) very helpful. I am just trying to understand the system a bit better. Clearly, even the chaps on ex in Canada were surprised by what they saw as an anomaly so perhaps it is just a general lack of info/awareness issue for them or for BFPO or both.
  12. No offence taken, the system does work brilliantly and has done for many years providing a service that is unequalled. Were we do fall down, well the whole of the Brit Forces in general, is lack of info to the troops. At one time a formation going on a major exercise or Op would receive all the appropriate presentations and admin assistance to launch the serviceman onto the ground full briefed and armed. Sadly as we all know with the overstretch we have now days many important things are paid lip service to.
  13. I imagined it was something like that. Hence my comment about not hassling BFPO too much for info as they are busy enough. It's not a big prob - I shall just have to send stamps!
  14. 30KG!! Holy shite, so thats where Maddy went