Bluewater Bomb Plot Madness

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by technicaldifficulties, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Just reading the Times coverage of the terror trial, and i've noticed this small nugget on page 6:

    "The judge described Khyam 25, as "ruthless, devious, artful and dangerous". He gave warnings that he and the others may never be released from prison" 8O

    What the hell is going through this persons mind? Under what circumstances can a person who has deviously and maliciously planned to detonate a 600kg fertiliser bomb in a crowded shopping centre, EVER be released from prison !? :x The wording implies that they will!

    Its a sign of the madness of the PC culture of Neu Arbeit, where the judge cannot even get the words right, let alone the sentence!

    These crazy fundie-jundies got life...which means they will be out plotting more atrocities (with the training that comes with prison in the UK) in 4! :x

    Any opinions? Comments? Urine-takes?

    IMHO this is just one more reason to form the "Protest Vote" party.
  2. Well, perhaps the judge had actually been to Bluewater. I'd have a bit of sympathy myself.