Bluetooth phone names

I've nearly got into trouble a few times with my bluetooth name. it was 'send me pornography' which i thought quite funny when with the lads and we're all sending each other the catchphrase noise or max n paddy stuff. Now when the wives come in the bar later on, hubby says 'HJ..send her that noise on bluetooth'
and then she says 'are you send me pornography?'
'' then turn off bluetooth,change name to something harmless like Dr Evil or something. is evil. Don't forget, 5's and 20's when turning bluetooth on in female company.

Has anyone got the 'uh uhhhhhhhhhhh' from family fortunes by the way?!


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Biggus Dickus is always amusing. Bluetooth was invented for transit, whether in coaches or bedfords, using it to get random cars as they zoom past... :D

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