Bluetooth Motorbike Helmets

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ishinryu, Oct 22, 2008.

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  1. I am looking into replacing my lid in the near future and the Caberg Justisimmo GT with the Just Speak Bluetooth intercom system has caught my eye. Does anyone on on here have any experience with Bluetooth Motorbike helmets? If so, please could you review them here, as reviews on the net are very few and far between.

    Ideally I plan to have the bluetooth connected to a Sat Nav (Garmin Zumo), a Motorola V3 mobile and a bluetooth transmitter connected to an MP3 player. As you can see I really want to go wireless.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


  2. Will you have any attention to spare for the road?
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Isn't a large part of the attraction to get away from modern day 'chatter'?
  4. I have Tom Tom Rider which came with Bluetooth. It is handy for incoming calls and works a treat. You can use any helmet as the earpiece fits all.

    I prefer the Lazer Revolution helmet as it has a sun visor, double lense to save fogging up and it's modular, which is always a bonus.
  5. Bluetooth is cool
    However Caberg are a fairly naff helmet. I wouldn't trust my head to one
  6. Sounds FCUKING dangerous to me
  7. Connectivity with the helmet seems to be the failing. BMW tried it with the System V and withdrew it because of failures.

    Their System VI is about to be launched, don't know if they are going to have another crack at it.

    Most people I know that have all the bits you want to have, rely on one helmet lead, to an Autocom and pair their Bluetooth devices via an Autocom Dongle.

    Those I know that have tried Bluetooth helmet speakers, report that the music reproduction is crap.
  8. My advice

    Caberg Justissimo I dont know what bike you have and unless your behind a bloody big screen the wind noise will do you in, to the extent that it does't matter what coms or speakers you fit you wont hear f*ck all

    I have tried all sorts of coms and come to conclusion most are crap dont waste your money on a half hearted effort of a Chinese company.
    Buy an Autocom unit they are not cheap but they are good I have the ProAVI and I listen to mp3s via a satnav at autobahn speeds with no trouble Telephone conversations I slow down for but that just to pay more attention I could still have a conversation at a ton with no problems

    all fitted to a shoei multitec lid
    Hope this helps a bit