Bluetooth headsets????????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by student_grant, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. I had the misfortune to pop in to the big aircraft hanger sized tesco in Watford this morning. Amongst the shuffling slack-jawed mongs, a la 'night of the living dead', I was surprised to spot a very rotund R. Signals major. the bloke was in uniform (obviously) and also had..........wait for it,

    One of those fecking bluetooth headsets attached to the side of his fat cranium??????

    I see loads of kids at uni walking round with those bloody things on and they do look like right cnuts but an army officer ffs!!!

    Can anyone justify wearing one of these things around in public?

    I am sure my fellow arrsers will have an opinion on your own time go on.
  2. well i think they are Aliens disguised as humanand is in permanent contact with the Mother Ship
  3. I'm not too sure that there are too many Regular Royal Signals units in the general direction of Watford. I'll listen to what you have to say though. Might explain the rotundishness too!!

    Bluetooth headseats are fine if you really need to speak hands free whilst driving - other than that take them off - you look like an idiot.
  4. with whistler, for driving no problem but in Tesco nah ah not good, take it off

  5. Are you suggesting that this bloke could be a walt???

    There are no reg sigs units in Watford, well there weren't when I was in but don't know about now. If you are going to big time it around tescos you might as well pretend to be something a bit more 'special'
  6. Without besmirching my beloved Corps - I'd have thought that if he was going to Walt it up he'd have chosen something a bit sexier that R Signals.
  7. Use Bluetooth in the car but can't see any reason outside. Feel daft enough in the car when most others are just using mobiles as they always have done. Are Signals majors only in Sigs units?

    If he was like me this morning he may have been hacked off after some inconsiderate git(s) had an accident and made me late for work. Maybe he needed to feed his rotundness with some Tesco pie or other after getting caught by a pie draught on the M25.

    Work in Watford nowadays but that has absolutely nothing to do with this thread.
  8. Is Watford not the nearest town to PJHQ in Northwood? I'm sure there are plenty of fat Staff Officer types working there.
  9. I guess the message is - lose the cans ya fat git. Get your arrse down to the gym as well, you're a disgrace to the cap badge.

    If he's Signals there's a better than average chance he'll read this (I mean more than average quota of geeks there) and be sucked in by the lure of a blutooth headset debate because he's just bought one and thinks it acceptable to pose around Tesco's trying to impress the civvies. Then find himself the topic of a massive urine take and will be embarrassed to see the error of his ways in two areas.

    Job's a good one! Well done to all.
  10. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    Well I guess if the technology is there people are going to use it. Blue tooth is great in the cars and more folks should buy on . I guess once you start wearing them it becomes a habit.
    It's better than an old boy wearing a baseball caP BACK TO FRONT INNIT?
  11. Royal Signals - Leaders in IT and Telecommunications! 8)
  12. bet it was an awful sight and a salad dodger too!! Folk do think that they are a fashion accessory, to me they look hideous
  13. studentgrant - Do please tell us what the fat lad had in his shopping basket! Ginsters perchance?
  14. I have turned up to go on exercise and witnessed someone with a bluetooth headset in and a handsfree holder stuck to the inside of the Rover windscreen to hold his mobile and Tom Tom thingy.
    R Sigs? YES
    TA? YES
    Cock? Yes
    I get so embarrased sometimes
  15. unfortunately I didn't get close enough to look into his basket but I was queuing for the checkout so he must have been within range of the pasty/pie/sandwich shelf they usually have there. (its sad that I know this but I am a pad)