Bluetooth dongles and connecting PS3 pads to PC


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I've just updated my GPU and have a long HMDI cable in the post so I can plug it into my TV in the lounge. My plan is to then make use of Steam Big Picture to play some PC games from the sofa. At some point I plan to invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard set-up, but I'd also like to link my PS3 pad to my PC, wirelessly, in case I want a "console feel" to certain games. There are guides out there that sort out the PS3 pad wireless connection via Bluetooth, but if anyone has tried it previously I'd appreciate some pointers to the better guides and driver packages.

The main thrust of this post, however, is the Bluetooth part of the PC itself. When looking for cheap HDMI cables on eBay I spotted this Pluscom dongle and figured it was a bargain. I didn't check the compatibility and now note it doesn't explicitly mention Win7 64-bit. The driver CD that came with the device doesn't install properly, giving me an Error 183 (with no actual description of the problem). A bit of Googling reveals that a V8 of the provided Bluesoleil software sorts out 64-bit compatibility, but I'm only running V6 - and the upgrade offer (from V6 to V8 for free) on the Bluesoleil website only applies to those who paid £30 for a dongle directly from them; not from people who bought third-party off eBay. I can't find the right drivers anywhere else.

Slim chance I know, but has anyone had this problem and successfully resolved it? I've emailed the eBay supplier to see if they can get me a download code for the new software, but I know I'm pissing in the wind there. I'll probably try the torrent sites to see if the V8 software is available that way, but again I'm guessing.

More likely is that one of you has found a cheap and simple-to-use Bluetooth dongle elsewhere. If so, I'm looking for recommendations. Can I find a Bluetooth USB dongle for less than a fiver that isn't supplied by some dodgy Chinese company and works fresh out of the box?! I no longer trust the crap on eBay!

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