Does any body have any info on this lot? I'm considering taking a resettlement course with them and am after an honest assesment.

Well it depends on what you want really - if its just a qualification why not do it in India with training one to one.

On the other hand with bluescreen you will get the benefit of years of commercial experience however they cant teach you experience that has to be earned in your day job.

I would say the latter option would suit you if you need to understand what is being taught. In India its more of a sandwich course studying for the exams. But to be fair if you know most of it already then you get out of it what you put into it.

Personally I would do it in India its cheaper and at the same time you get a sort of holiday. As an example the courses I did cost 3k with the same courses in UK costing 10k.

It really depends on your long term aim as employers are getting wise to the qualifications explosion and will drill down to expose any lack of experience.

Good luck pal
Cheers matey. I'm specifically looking at the Cisco courses. I am currently doing the CCNA with the OU and would be looking to upgrade with BS. I currently work in a networking environment, albeit with Nortel kit so the experience is there. I'm probably going to take the BS option as I can do it in 1 week blocks instead of being beasted for a month. It also allows me a bit of slack incase all doesn't go to plan.
The CCNA route is a far better option than the MCSE route. Firstly it aint as common, secondly you gain a better understanding of networking technologies and thirdly once your up at CCNP your talking big bucks with the right company. I spoke with one of the lads on a CCNP course in India and he really sang its praises as most of it was practical hands on with real Cisco kit and he came away with a real thourogh understanding. Worth looking into the link is here

I have a mucker who is currently on course with bluescreen as we speak - CCNA route too
Codhead, do you have any ICT experience already or are you going into it fresh/blind?
Yes I am a Scaley Tech SNCO. My postings have been pretty varied but I have been working with Cormorant for a little while now. The CCNA is going pretty well, a few pennies are dropping, it's just a case of learning all those little snippets that the B'ards keep throwing into the tests.
A mate of mine did his course with them and he can only be dsecribed as a critical jock! Well his opinion of them was that they are 1st rate and I have heard from others similar views.

Thinking aloud, you must remember companies out there will not bat an eye on sending you on courses as it is tax deductable, have you thought of writing off to some IT companies and offering your services for free for 7 weeks? If yr any good and the company is making plenty of money, they would probably hire you at the end of the 7 weeks anyway, if not, you gained real commercial experience which to be honest, aint that different from the Army IT world just that it often uses different labels!! You have the experience already mate, thats what counts.

I am in the civvy IT world now and came from the R Signals IS Engr world, (or whatever they are calling it now) and after 10 months on the outside, quals dont mean much, its experience and proven ability. Earn more now than I did as a WO2 in the mob, and that aint because of a few bits of paper from an exam cram in New Delhi!!!

PM if u want more info.

PS - for Poison Dwarf, why are you looking in this forum, you still have another 17 yrs to go mate!!
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