Blues tunic

Gents, any chance of a steer on acquiring a (not ludicrously priced) Rupert No.1/Blues dress tunic???

For use at weddings/strip shows etc......

1 careful owner, preferably 5ft 6ins........38-40" chest

Give George lucas a call.... I'm sure he fitted the ewoks out with one :D :D

Failing that Ken Dodd, may have surplus from the Diddy men
Many cap badge's PRI also operate some form of second hand uniform shop. If not involved directly, then they will undoubtedly be able to point you in the right direction.

The YO branch of most cap badges may also be able to help you, as it is not uncommon for officers leaving the service to try and flog their kit to the newly commissioned.

is just one example that a google search threw up.

Best bet would be to try this and then get a tailor to change the insignia and buttons. :idea:

Happy Hunting!

Just fired off an email now....thanks!

Sounds like a good option...especially when you're not going to wear it very often..

I think our PRI/museum do have some you can get out but it'd be easier to get your own.
If your joy at the museum runs out try the tailor in Tidworth (Garrison Tailor) use all AAC charm and he will help with what ever you need. Be Cautious of the wardrobe out the back though Narnia in April is a nightmare. :roll:
Hi guys,

Looking for AAC mess dress, 5"7 in height , should buy a new one but id only wear it once a year and im a skin flint
Any Ideas?

Cheers 8)
Try RP maybe you could have some sort of job share with it
Rotary - PM me and give me your details. I have a very good source with lots of blue jackets, at very reasonable prices. Plenty to fit your size and all for the price of less than a days pay!!

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