Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by babiesarm, Oct 31, 2003.

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  1. When did the GC change from a Civilian decoration to a military.

    I could be wrong, but I thought that the MC was the second highest award.

    answers on a postcard please. :?:
  2. Got this from a Google site:

    The cross was awarded for an act of the greatest heroism
    or of the most conspicuous courage
    in circumstances of extreme danger.
    It was intended primarily for civilians and award
    in the military services was confined to actions
    for which purely military honours were not normally granted
    and awarded for actions not in the face of the enemy.

    Probably getting George Cross due to the fact this was a friendly fire incident.
  3. Great news about Col. Tim.
    Splendid :D

    Many congratulations to all awarded and those they work with.
  4. Re;- Tpr.Finney.....Bloody well done,that man! :!:
  5. well done trooper Finney, outstanding bravery in the face of the americans, pulling your mucker out whilst underfire and being wounded yourself, a selfless act of courage.

    and well done Windy.
  6. Read his comments. Modesty is still a virtue, in my opinion.

    Well done Tpr Finney.
  7. Read his comments. Modesty is still a virtue, in my opinion.

    Well done Tpr Finney.
  8. Longest name for a MiD award, this side of WWII?

  9. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Tpr Finney - Concrete Bollocks or what? Should have got the VC though!
  10. if we could actually count the americans as enemy then he would have almost definatley got the VC
  11. As much as some threads profane that new soldiers of today are lazy wasters, this just goes to prove that with the right management and guidance, young lads can turn into good selfless soldiers. I'm proud of him. And so we all should be.
  12. Read down the list of names on the honour roll - awesome!! Well done all those people.

    I heard an interview with the young chap who got the GC and his parents. When asked if he was staying in the Army he mumbled that he hadn't decided. What a shame if he left, let's hope he doesn't.
  13. I'm sure, that some time in the past, I have had a pop at the "Yoof" in the mob.

    Well, I take it back, categorically and every other "ically" that anyone can think of. When I heard this on the news today it really did bring a lump to my throat.

    Top bloke Trooper Finney and all of the others that were justly rewarded.

    Totally agree with Prods, let’s hope this young man does make up his mind and elects to remain with the Colours.

    It's times like this that I absolutely love being proven wrong.