Discussion in 'Officers' started by ridingcrop, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. I am a Cavalry TA officer for one more year before going regular and need a blues jacket asap (size 42 chest)...anyone any ideas?! My hopeful regular regiment will not wear the same jacket, so it seems silly to get it fully tailored.

    Ideally looking for a second hand one...
  2. Do you know which unit you are moving to else there is no point buying one yet!
  3. Not for sure, but this jacket would be for my final year with this TA cavalry regiment and then would probably resell...
  4. What colour?
  5. It naturally depends on who you are with as there are different cuts etc. The Sapper Thrift shop at Chatham maybe able to help you or Ebay.
  6. Try and get a Green one.
  7. Check ebay and a seller called "hogspear", he usually has some, but previous generations were pigeon chested so at 42" you might be lucky!
  8. thanks for the help - very on top of ebay and as you say, our past officers were rather small though! It just needs to be a blue jacket, with the hooks on the shoulders for the chain mail.
  9. I can't find a number for the chatham shop, anyone know it?