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Blues Jacket


You want to post this in another forum as well? Just incase someone from the ACF can sort out your sh!te admin for you?
Do you not have a regimental tailor?


War Hero
Try the various depot clothing stores-~Worthy Down always has loads of used kit-as has the Young Officers wing uniform shop at Larkhill


Back_at_RD said:
try ebay.. much cheapness.

If that's your motivating factor. Failing that there is the YOs shop at Larkhill.

Haven't heard 'much cheapness' for a while. Its written on the front of a tourist tat shop on the end of Gibraltar and became a bit of a catchphrase in 79 Cdo Bty during a mediterranean/Sierra Leone tour back in 2000. Those were the days...
Ask at Sandhurst - they've got stacks of knackered old ones, some times they flog them off. Ring the clothing store - but beware, I went back there a few years ago and I came across a he she - what the f&ck's that about?! Can anyone help??!


There's one in the War Studies department at Sandhurst now too!

Can't remember his/her name, but when a he, appeared on loads of TV shows on the history channel.. So I'm told..
I am suspicious. Why is any regiment acceptable? Are you a Walt?

Do you need to buy or will renting suit your needs?


War Hero
Ladeeboys at Sanders? What on Bonaparte's balls is happening to the Army?

Always loved the story of the 50th D-Day commemorations. Picture HRH Prince Charles strolling along the lines of vets, passing the time of day. Came across a fem and asked a question about nursing services in Normandy etc. Turned out the bloke was an ex RSM from some county Regt and had landed on D+1. Big hands. Always a give away.

Anyway, blues jacket? Any cap badge? A tad fishy to me!

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