Blues Jacket

You want to post this in another forum as well? Just incase someone from the ACF can sort out your sh!te admin for you?
Do you not have a regimental tailor?
Try the various depot clothing stores-~Worthy Down always has loads of used kit-as has the Young Officers wing uniform shop at Larkhill
Back_at_RD said:
try ebay.. much cheapness.

If that's your motivating factor. Failing that there is the YOs shop at Larkhill.
Haven't heard 'much cheapness' for a while. Its written on the front of a tourist tat shop on the end of Gibraltar and became a bit of a catchphrase in 79 Cdo Bty during a mediterranean/Sierra Leone tour back in 2000. Those were the days...
Ask at Sandhurst - they've got stacks of knackered old ones, some times they flog them off. Ring the clothing store - but beware, I went back there a few years ago and I came across a he she - what the f&ck's that about?! Can anyone help??!
There's one in the War Studies department at Sandhurst now too!

Can't remember his/her name, but when a he, appeared on loads of TV shows on the history channel.. So I'm told..
I am suspicious. Why is any regiment acceptable? Are you a Walt?

Do you need to buy or will renting suit your needs?
Ladeeboys at Sanders? What on Bonaparte's balls is happening to the Army?

Always loved the story of the 50th D-Day commemorations. Picture HRH Prince Charles strolling along the lines of vets, passing the time of day. Came across a fem and asked a question about nursing services in Normandy etc. Turned out the bloke was an ex RSM from some county Regt and had landed on D+1. Big hands. Always a give away.

Anyway, blues jacket? Any cap badge? A tad fishy to me!

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