Blues and Royals versus Lifeguards... Who's better.... Discuss?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Nunn93, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. RHG/D vs Lifeguards whos better....
    all banter and views acknowledged ;D
  2. I like soup.
  3. Lifeguards. I love the way their boobs bounce when they run up the beach.
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  4. Pamela Anderson! ;) thoughts been thoroughly taken inboard there!
  5. who gives a ****?
  6. I have a giant penis.
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  7. Shag sheep?

  8. Unlike the OP,who is a giant penis.
  9. Mulligatawny.....very tasty, add plenty of Tabasco.
  10. What on earth would Pam Anderson say if she knew the OP put a HC question in an RAC forum? I think she'd be f*cking livid.
  11. Well that's definitely summed it up.... When I think of the cab now I'll think of bay watch.... And soup with tobasco... Think I've got the answer I was looking for guys :L only my mate seems to think that the blues ad royals are a useless bunch of donkey shal lopping ******* so I thought I'd ask arsse and see what they think :p
    mistake? Maybe? :L
  12. What tyre pressure do I need in a half loaded Range Rover with run flats?
  13. Bye then. Mind you head when you get out.
  14. It doesn't matter, the AA can winch it onto the flatbed.
  15. £1.17s old money that is......I'm always here to help!