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Blues and Royals versus Lifeguards... Who's better.... Discuss?



What on earth would Pam Anderson say if she knew the OP put a HC question in an RAC forum? I think she'd be f*cking livid.
Well that's definitely summed it up.... When I think of the cab now I'll think of bay watch.... And soup with tobasco... Think I've got the answer I was looking for guys :L only my mate seems to think that the blues ad royals are a useless bunch of donkey shal lopping ******* so I thought I'd ask arsse and see what they think :p
mistake? Maybe? :L
Well it's fair to say I dont think arrse could give a crap about the donkey whallopers.... And pam Anderson would probably be appalled that the HC haven't put up there own forum away from the RAC :)

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