Bluebottles dropping like flys

In today's telegraph were a few pictures of police at their "passing out" parade at Hendon collapsing with the supposed heat...

New Met police recruits 'collapse' during record passing out parade - Telegraph

Not that it was especially hot though, and their "feint-hearted" got made quite a fuss of.

Looks to me like the "thin blue line" isn't made of such stout stuff as "The thin red (now green) line".

Usuall disclaimer: Did the search, couldn't find this already done, might be in the wrong place, many sorries if so, yawn, blah, etc...
No regular police among them, it would appear that all 567 of them were Specials and PCSO's !

Editted to add; No they weren't, learn to read properly first HHH !!
weren't they previously specials or PCSOs? All officers now have to do time as one or the other before joining police I think

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