Blue stuff inside issue water bottle. How to treat?


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Just found an old issue water bottle at the bottom of an MFO box, but having had a peek inside, the inner wall is coated in a strange blue substance with specks of white. I've tried using Milton tabs and scrubbing it out with a toothbrush, all have had no affect as far as I can see.

I can however rub the stuff off with the tip of my finger, so it suggests it's quite thick.

Does anyone know what it is, how to get rid of it, or more importantly, if it'll kill me if I drink from the bottle. :D
Ah yes, the best way to treat that is to get it exchanged.
It is Fullers Earth that has come into contact with water.

A good brushing (toothbrush or babys bottle brush) will get it sorted or as mentioned previously get it exchanged.
Kettle de-scaler that comes in sachets (Robert Dyas, hardware shops, some supermarkets). I put some in a metal thermos that was pitch black inside and which had resisted all other household cleaners. Unbelievable - 5 mins later it was sparkling clean. Since used it to de0gunge all the water tanks and boilers in my vehicles. I think the main ingredient is mostly just sodium bicarbonate.
I recently cleaned out a water bottle by giving it a good soak in hot dettol mixed with water. THis is now on my list of what not to do. The taste is yet to go away.


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Well, I'll do what I can going on these recommendations, thanks for the help lads, but we deploy out tomorrow morning, so the most important question is if it'll kill me or not. :)
Wondering if it might be a germination of Legionnaires, as it's had an age to fester away since tour last year.

Only one way to find out. ;)
How to treat? With respect I think!

How badly do you want to get out of the deployment?

4(T), thanks for the kettle de-scaler tip. I've got a 1.5 litre steel thermos thats gone black on the bottom. Doesnt taint the tea I put in it, but I'd like to get it out.
stuff a plastic bag inside it, pour water into the plastic bag (which is now contained within said water bottle), screw top on water bottle, leaving some of plastic bag protruding out of the lid, hey presto - non-tainted, but sufficiently contained, fresh water.
I would use sterilisiing powder (you can get it from home brew shops) and a bit of elbow grease. It will kill anything that could kill you, and not leave a horrible after taste.

Just bought some stuff at an ex-MOD auction, cam net basically, but the stillage it came in had 2 Norwegians (stir fry pork was the last contents of one), and 2 Thermos flasks (Thermii?). One of which I found still had tea in...

So, boiling water and the bicarb should fix the Thermos flasks, but what about the Norwegians? Also, these are the squarish types rather than the rounded ones I remember. Do the 2 internal plastic containers with lids fit both?


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