Blue Strip on Rocket/Ammo --- URGENT

wellyhead said:
Does anyone know what the blue stripe on this munition means ? Is it DP, inert etc ? Or is it liable to go bang, cheers

a google search so don't take as completely accurate:

- This photo is of an inert US 120mm HE mortar round with an inert
M734 fuze attached to it. The blue band on the mortar body signifies that
it is inert. I believe that on that there is a page
describing US mortar color codes and striping.

although don't know whether the blue band is a nato standard etc
Blue normally means inert or drill round.

Personally I wouldn't touch the item in the first picture with a very very long barge pole.

There are people around who get their kicks and are paid money to sort out rusty bits of old ordanance, get them come to the site and let them tell you what it is.

If this isn't a wah and you have just discovered that get on the blower to ATO sharpish!!! If a Maglite can hide PE then a rocket with a bit of blue paint can still be a rocket.
cheers, a quick google search comes up as practise round for the yanks so its probably is the same.

Pic was passed to me and said "know what this is?" My reply was "Yes, a call to ATO"

By all accounts its been in a shed for years, not that it doesn't mean its dangerous
depending on age and country light blue = drill dark blue= practise. Drill is inert parctise will have a small expolsive content. looking a the photo leave it a lone and call out ATO better safe and looking a little silly than dead.
First: Call ATO/EOD.

Edit, close but no cigar, it's not the 66. See later post.

Other than that it looks like a training round for something like LAW66.
It's similar but slightly different to this which I believe is the same as our old LAW 66. No doubt there were different variants of projectile for it.

It's clearly not the 120mm mortar round that someone posted a picture of.

Of course I'm not an ATO so may be wrong, if I found it I'd get an ATO out.
Been in a shed for a few years hardly makes it safe. I had a guy turn up at my drill hall with the head of a german hang grenade, it still went boom after 60 years (in a controlled way) and he had used it as paper weight!!
Yellow pages under FELIX
still21inmymind said:
I agree, looks exactly like a 3.5" drill round, but better safe than sorry.
Civvies don't task ATO direct, they go through the police.
He's right!

Markings don't match this though:

This shows a practice round as opposed to an inert drill round though.
I still wouldn't mess with it.

Incidentally, I didn't think Wellyhead was a civvy.
Who's been picking up things on the ranges then. That's why the signs say "Don't touch as it may explode and kill you" christ. Was there not a civvie killed recently who did exactly the same with a mortar/artillery round.

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