Blue screen upon bootup

Every time i boot up the computer i get the blue screen of death. One of the lads looked at it at work and changed a few things around and all was working fine.

This morning though, i cannot boot up at all. I am running Vista and have an acer laptop. All is free of viruses, spyware etc. Can anyone shed some light or direct me to how to get it working again.
When you turn on the pc press F10 repeatedly it takes you to the acer recovery screen, unfortunately you will lose any saved info on there but it does work.

Failing that when you turn the pc on the black screen usually has some writinig on it in white saying press del to enter setup etc it may say on there to press f10

if you can get into the bios select load defaults usuaully F5 and select save and exit.

Failing this type into google Acer laptop (model number) Blue screen on startup or words to this effect - google is your friend!
Or take it back to the man who can :)
If you think you can,

Boot from a live cd (pretty much any linux distro or ERD disk)

Grab any dump files from C:windows\minidump and put them through a debugger (drag and drop will work) and that should tell you what caused the blue screen

It would probably an incompatable driver or knackered memory.

If you cant get it to start working, get a caddy like one of these

copy anything you need of it and reinstall your os of choice
Blue screen...

I used Secunia a few day ago - brilliant!! Thanks for the tip MSR. But...

Like an absolute IDIOT and not paying attention, Windows update kicked in and I installed the Vista service pack.

Will I ever learn? Probably not.

Next session, black and white blood chilling screen - "Windows failed to start properly blah blah"

Start up repair didn't help and I had to go through all the system restore palaver again (thrice till I got a restore point that worked). This does my nads in - thanks microsoft.

I once had to do a complete re-install and lost tons of work - so now I make back up and paper copies of work every end of session - like we were taught many years ago.

Should I bin Vista and install XP?? I've been tempted for a while..
Back up using nortons ghost or acronis onto a spare/2nd hard drive and make a boot disc so you can put the image back on to your hard drive if it ever fails or just cocks up takes minutes saves hours

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