Blue screen of death

while in the middle of a battle the PC screen will show "The PC has shown a fatal error and will shut down in 10 seconds, please refer to the manual" :lol:

"This computer does not recognise this command and will now log you out of the system"

"please retype the password as it is case sensitive"
On pressing anything button-like:

"It looks like you're writing a letter........" :lol:
"It looks like your fireing a Tomahawk, click OK for help"

Seriously though, this is quite a scary idea. Why are we accepting windows technology simply because BAE are standardising to windoze? Surely someone along the way can see what a mistake it is. Its insecure, the closed nature of the system will mean its extremely difficult to keep patch managed, and the platform is unreliable. Not the sort of system you want to trust the command and control of a warship to methinks 8O
in fairness to microsoft - the latest round of server and client products are better than ever before - we run a windows xp client WAN, with server 2000 and Server 2003 domains and its as secure as fort knox - we administer the MET police and Cabinet Office Pension Schemes amongst other things, and although we advertise the fact we represent these clients, our network is secure - also microsoft gives out SUS server free of charge, a simple and easy way to distribute patches and service packs to your domain with minimum effort so i dont think you will have much problems on that score - the crunch will come when you get politicians involved in deciding the spec of hard ware and choose cheap over - needed. then it all goes to rat poo.

Not wanting to get into a pro/con microsoft/unix arguement, i do concur that the current windows products are the best yet. But you should expect that shouldnt you?

They are however no where near stable or secure enough to trust command and control systems to. The nature of such a system will mean that it is running bespoke applications which are designed to run on a particular platform specification. It will be impossible to update patches etc on a regular basis because each will have to be tested against the applications to ensure there are no compatibility problems. This is what leaves the system vulnerable for extended periods of time. Where a system is mission critical, and we may be trusting life and limb to it - windows would be well down my shopping list!!!

Secure as fort knox eh rincewind, hope that confidence doesnt jump up and bite you in the arrse one day :wink:

Lets face it - XP is Linux, just like Mac OSX.

Security is not my responsability - we employ someone "whos fault it is" :D

Only time will tell Boney_M.

XP is linux? and Mac OSX - em, no. They all try and be the same at the graphical user interface - but they are all fundementally different. Windows is the most insecure becasue of the proliferation of windows in the world. Its the biggest, its attacked more. There are linux/unix and Mac specific worms/virus's out there, but you never hear about them (well, maybe rarely). Surprising really, the internet basically exists on unix, and theres the rub, its the most stable and secure O/S available. And in industry, thats without question.

Unix keeps planes in the air, satellites where the're supposed to be, the internet running and email being passed.


(Edited because i'm illiterate)
Blue screen of Death (literally).

This system has performed an illegal operation.

This ship is still under attack. Do you want to (R)etry (F)ail (A)bort?

By pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del you will restart the ships main computer.

Are you sure you wish to continue? Y-N

Are you really sure? Y-N

Are you really, really sure? Y-N

Tell you what, why don't you have a coffee and think about it ...


Your Ship will now be terminated.


Fecking MOD procurement cock-up, again!

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