Blue Sandhurst Letter Writing Guide

Evening All.

I left Sandhurst in 1991 and the Army in 1999. Does anyone remember the light blue letter writing idiots guide ( Apt in my case ). If anyone has a it I would be extremely grateful for a copy.

Many thanks

Regards Bob
I do remember it but unfortunately I don't have a copy. I would try the Army Staff Handbook instead, which I would have thought has superseded it and should give you what you need to know. It is unclassified and on t'interweb somewhere.


Why not simply type your missive in a post here on Arrse, and we'll critique it for you?
I left in the same year (Somme Coy). Kept the bloody thing for least til AJD in 97 but it failed to make the umpteenth move of SFA.....anyway wifey then took on all "thankyou" letters. She could ignore the need for 2.5cm margins!!

Why are you looking for it? Just been to your first dinner party and need to thank the hostess for the super company and her delicious merangues?
Got mine from 1998 somewhere... I'll dig it out - what do you need specifically? I can scan and copy a page or two, or photocopy and post the guide complete...

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