Blue Ray Technology?

Seems I've been living in a hole as I've just heard of this, is it really all it's made out to be, I've heard various comments on it that it is 18 times clearer/better than a standard red laser dvd player?!!! anyone have this at home and if so what's your thoughts on it?
Ummm, debatable really and depends on your tv more than anything I think. There isn't a whole lot of difference between an enhanced DVD and a BluRay played through my PS3, main difference is that BluRay is sharper and clearer on bigger screens but it's not as though they're in different ball parks.
Thanks Zedd, so do you need an equally expensive tv to go along with the Blue Ray DVD Player in order to reap the benefits? is it really worth it as in is the picture really that much clearer?
You do need a decent plasma really, at least 42" imo and go for a known brand rather than the cheapest you can find (you should be able to find a decent 42" for ~£700). Whatever you do make sure you shop around because there are deals to be had out there.
According to Panasonics own guidelines (and they make both) LCD is better up to around 40" after that Plasma is still considered superior.
I speak as one who didnt know this before I brought my 42" LCD.
Whilst the HD broadcasts do look stunning, the TV suffers from Ghosting at normal TV Resolutions, the worst case and where its really noticable for example is on Sky News, where they have the scrolling text along the bottom, at times the the writing is almost unreadbale as it blurs because the refresh cannot keep up with the speed of the text.
aha, i stand corrected, the other key thing to look at with any TV is the refresh rate, and response time (measured in ms) (not sure if it relates to IT_GEEKS problem but might do).

Plasma sounds great as you don't have to be sat directly to the front of the screen to get the full effects but I have heard that because the Plasma screen is made up of shed loads of tiny gas compartments that it tends not to last too long and can get 'burn in' images after a while?!
That's if you leave the same image on the screen for too long, which frankly I find hard to believe people can allow this to happen in the first place...if you're not using your tv then turn it off, even if you've just pause a film or game. Also, most consoles have a dim option so to save your tv if you do accidently leave it for too long.
I was told you always had to use a decent cable (HDMI?) for best results, which can cost upwards of £50.
Trying watching any dvd played through a PS3 Blu-ray on a decent HDTV and tell me you don't see a difference.

PS3 now also upscales a standard DVD to 1080p...

I have been re-running The Incredibles, Monsters Inc, Toy Story (for the kids ahem!), and band of brothers etc since I got my PS3. These have been played on an Sony Bravia 40" true HDTV (1080p) LCD. The quality is truly outstanding. About to by a true Blu-ray disc this weekend to see if there's any difference.

The comment about LCD being best below 42" and plasma best above that size is valid as is making sure that you are about 3 to 5 x times the height of the tv away from it when viewing. 40" seen from 3-5 metres away. Total cost of upgrade PS3, TV and HDMI cable...£1500. Bargain.
£1500 to watch sky news and entertain the kids. 8O

You lot want your heads read.

I think my TV is going to have an accident very soon! :D

dingerr said:
I was told you always had to use a decent cable (HDMI?) for best results, which can cost upwards of £50.
Nah, you get different types of HDMI (so I'm told) but you can get one for around a tenner.

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