Blue Peter

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. I'm sat here watching this sh*te with the kids. Things were looking up when the blonde Irish bird wearing a mini skirt appeared on the screen but were soon dampened by the 'turn' (some f*cking chav) who she described as the 'UK's Best Beat-boxer'

    Do these people actually believe that blowing farts into a micro-phone is a recognised talent?

    There's even a zulu on the programme now. F*ck me, what ever happened to John Noakes?
  2. He's probably not a real zulu...complain to Broadcasting Standards, the phonelines are still open I believe?
  3. Google 'Konnie Huq' and then select images, find the pics of her 'in' a white dress
  4. This one?

  5. I'd like to see where she puts her Blue Peter badge
  6. Lovely! I'd run my cock underneath her right breast whilst inserting my foot into her anus.
  7. You'd probably qualify for a Blue Peter badge for that :wink:
  8. I'd get the pin of it and prick her in the eye with it. Love the squirming, me.
  9. ... and who said "romance is dead"!!! :D
  10. Romance? Im not trying to marry the bint, just trying to get my sexual deviant kicks by raping her.
  11. Romance and marriage - a curious combination!
  12. Is that when you ask her before you have anal?
  13. The show is being repackaged as 'Pink Peta'.
    It will be 'representative' and 'relevant' to todays young people.

    Issues it will tackle are believed to include
    'rainbow week - gays in the playground'
    'today we build a refuge for battered women'
    'Abdul - an asylum seeker's journey'

    Advice on contraception and your rights when dealing with your parents will also be discussed.

    John Noakes was a white English heterosexual male who subscribed to outdated sexual stereotyping and represented a negative role model to young boys. He had an unhealthy interest in old fashioned and inappropriately masculine activities.

    His name and images are now being deleted from BBC records.
  14. Konnie Huq - best looking black velvet dorris on the box, every time I get a glimps of her the words 'five dollor, me love you long time soldier boy' come to mind. Bet she takes it up the $hitter too!