Blue Peter presenter John Noakes dies

Noaksey was a top presenter and the person we all wanted for a big brother when were were kids.

Aw. He was such a part of my childhood (in a good way. It's a shame we have to qualify that now too). Noakes, Purves, Singleton - surrogate family.

Such a shame. Hopefully a release from that awful alzheimers.

RIP, I seem to recall he was one of the first BBC presenters with a regional accent as well.


War Hero
A real have-a-go-bloke. Apparantly his twilight years were none too kind to him. Sad.
Totally agree with the above, an all round good bloke and role model. Also a rarity as a 70s TV personality who didn't have young fans sit on his knee. Although who knows how many he had wrapped up in sticky backed plastic in the Blue Peter garden shed.
He bounced as much as Shep. RIP Noakesy, don't forget the sticky back plastic...

ETA - that doesn't quite have the pathos it was meant to now - thanks @Jorrocks
Comes to all of us. First memory of him is his visit to Ealing's Porridge set. Another one of him scaling Nelson's Column. Truth be known though, John N. always had a dodgy memory but he and maybe even Blue Peter gave us a few good ones.
Good man - another door closes on childhood.
Clip clop clip clop

Personally I think the man deserves his own thread.
Most 'celebrities' are more than adequately mentioned in the dead pool, but some have such significance, for one reason or another, that they deserve more than just a passing mention. Noakes was a formative part of the childhood for most of my generation, someone who I can genuinely say had an influence on me.
He also climbed the Mast at Ganges, although he didn't quite make it to 'the Button ' which had been his aim.
TBF, he was more than somewhat older than the 'Button Boys' at the time.

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