Blue Peter peters out

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Famous Blue Peter moments as show leaves London

    Bloody funny short video clip in the above... but what are the Beeb thinking? Who the hell would want to swap working in Shepherds Bush for somewhere called Salford? Outrage: the new Blue Peter garden is going to be a roof garden.

    How much is this exercise costing us? How much has the new studio set up cost? How much will the presenters and staff need to be bribed, sorry, paid, to re-locate to some shithole in the North of England? How much will they (we the Taxpayer) get for the sale of Television Centre? Will it cover all the above? Who would want to buy it? Will it ever sell? It all smacks of madness and political correctness gone mad. Mad mad mad.
  2. Who cares?
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  3. Is that to stop any more 'shitting in the pond' incidents do you think?
  4. BP will move into the 21st century in Salford. Forget the garden that can be a crack den. presenters can show you how to strip clean your glock 23,drive at 120mph through a shopping mall as well as ways of corpse disposal. Instead of a christmas appeal they could have a christmas ransom appeal. The production values will certanly sharpen.
    In fairness Oxford road BBC Manchester made great kids programmes perhaps this will save BP. It was disappearing up it's own backside.
  5. who ever decided to move it out of london deserves a blue peter badge.maybe those cockney beggars qpr can build a decent stadium,instead of that allotment that the cnuts currently use.