Blue on Blue

Not quite "current affairs", this, but not military history yet.

Just read the citation* for the award of the George Cross to Tpr Christopher Finney GC. Bloody gleaming.

Anyone know what (if anything) happened to the pilots of the two attacking aircraft, aside from remedial FER lessons?

*(In pdf copy of the British Army Review, ed. 133, downloaded from Armynet - when printed out and bunged in a folder, it looks just like work!)
US military inquiries into Blue on Blue incidents seem to use multiple choice answer sheets for their findings:

a) Sh*t happens

b) No-one is to blame, especially the US

c) Fog of war

d) Goddammed Limeys/Canucks/insert ally name here got in the way of the mighty USA

e) We're American, and we have the biggest Army, so it doesn't matter

f) All, or any combination of the above

Keen observers will have noted that Tony Bliar has adopted the same principle in respect of inquiries into his government's lying and dodgy dealings; he has adopted the novel addition of getting his mate the Lord Chancellor to appoint a 'friendly' judge, just to make sure that the 'right' result is produced.
The USAF seem to be the real culprits. We had US marine aircraft and gunships in support in Iraq last year and didn't have a single blue-on-blue incident from the air.

The Spams' forward air controllers made their pilots fly over us at various heights at various times of the day and in varying weather conditions while we were still in Kuwait to teach them UK vehicle recognition. It worked.

The spearhead company of the Black Watch rescued a shot-down Cobra crew on the outskirts of Basra to return the compliment as we advanced into the city. They were suitably grateful. The Jocks got to them just a few yards ahead of a large crowd of locals intent on looting the downed chopper.

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