Blue on blue deaths due to comms failure - inquiry.

The BBC reports the outcome of the inquiry into the deaths of two soldiers in Iraq in 2003.

The story is here.

One thing that strikes me about the BBC's report is that it looks as if it was written by the MOD's spin department (my bold):

No soldiers would be charged over the deaths, the Ministry of Defence said.

That decision was taken by the independent Army Prosecution Authority, which was asked to consider the case by the Royal Military Police's Special Investigation Branch.
So, no possibility of political influence there then....

Junior defence minister Don Touhig said: "The [board of inquiry] is not there to apportion blame, but to establish the facts and make recommendations in an attempt to stop such a tragedy happening again."

He said he hoped the report would give the families of the soldiers "a much better understanding of this awful tragedy".

Although both men's families say they have had to wait too long to get answers, Debbi Allbutt, Cpl Allbutt's widow, said on Thursday she was happy with the findings.

She said: "I am pleased...I do think it is very much in depth.

"I have no problems with the report at all, they have given us all the information that we needed, all the answers."
There you have it - soldier sent to war by Bliar, gets killed, but government makes everything all right for the widow.

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