Blue murder

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Cuddles, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Oh my lord! They are doing unspeakable things to the Royal Artillery on ITV as I least Caroline Quentin is in it...
  2. Though what they are doing to the monkeys almost makes up for it!
  3. Christ, a Fed in Uniform (Beret is about right for a Major)............ working on a Friday night............ Now you know it's make believe.
  4. At least someone has had the sense to chin the GWAR bird.
  5. <<wokka wokka>>

    Their berets are worse than mine.
  6. Whats happened to the PTI's muscles, not a mirror insight for him to admire himself.....obviously no-one researched it correctly. Have they all got size 65 berets :?
  7. Well, they seemed to march like gunners...
  8. Nah........... Drill was to good :lol:
  9. Yea, for gunners :wink:
  10. Whoever decided on the attitudes of the suaddies must have been studying SNCOs in Wellingtons army and the coppers all seem to have a Dirty Harry attitude. Of course it's written as Army thick and Police hard. Typical of stuff written by people who have neiter soldiered or served in the police.. Can anyone see them giving the Officers Mess dining room upn as an incident room?
  11. Only a corps, no standards, RLC anyone?
  12. And what was that accommodation all about?

    3 man rooms in the Officer's mess?
  13. I think they've been trawling arrse for the finer points of the script

    In one sentence the bord with the huuuuuuuuuuuge beret ( so big she tucked her ears in it ) was heard to utter the words "scoff" "wets" "biff" and "trollied"

    I'm waiting for "basha" and "fuckwit" and I'll have a full house
  14. I don't know about an incident room but 7RHA gave theirs up for a day, as statement writing room to allow for witness statements to be taken back in the early 90's
  15. I cannot comment on the likelihood of an officers' mess being given up as an incident room - however no Mess SNCO worthy of his salt would permit soldiers - or indeed officers - to wander around it with their helicopter pads...I mean berets on!

    Why has the RMP major got a Para Reg crown on? What's with the berets through the chesty epaulette thingy and who made the chav bird in mixed dress a Sgt?

    They obviously pushed the boat out on a military advisor! Hell, to avoid the impact this cack is having on my blood pressure, I would do the job myself for free!