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Weapons haul deals blow to rogue militias

Soldiers from the 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (1 RHA) struck a major blow against rogue militias during one of their first patrols since arriving in southern Iraq.

Soldiers from 1 RHA removing items fron the underground storage site [Picture: Cpl Dan Harmer, RLC]

The soldiers discovered 10,000 rounds of ammunition along with improvised explosive devices used by rogue militias in an underground storage site just east of Safwan on Sunday 27 May 2007.

The discovery took place during one of the first patrols undertaken by the 1 RHA soldiers since they arrived in Basra last week.

Following the clearing of the immediate area for potential booby traps by Ammunition Technical Officers, the 1 RHA soldiers discovered an underground storage facility which comprised a container with concrete walls built around it.

Inside the container were 10,000 rounds of ammunition, six complete improvised explosive devices, three of which are the Explosive Formed Projectiles used to disable armoured vehicles, night vision goggles, rifle sights and other equipment, all of which were in pristine condition.

Further investigation is taking place at the site and it is believed that there may be more items yet to be discovered. Both the ordnance and the improvised explosive devices will be destroyed by a controlled explosion after further studies of the find have been conducted.

10,000 rounds of ammunition and six complete improvised explosive devices were found inside the underground storage facility [Picture: Cpl Dan Harmer, RLC]

Lance Bombardier Daniel Viney, who made the initial discovery, said:

"It's been a hard first week out here but it was good to give some back to the enemy."

Sergeant Stephen Belshaw, Lance Bombardier Viney's commander on the patrol, added:

"It was tough work but worth it. We have made a real dent in the insurgents' ability to attack us."


Bravo Zulu the galloping Gunners :) - good effort.

Lee Shaver

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