Blue List

Warmest congratulations to those of you who came off the Blue List last week.

whoever you are ....

If true to form I expect that at least one of you will be replaced by an SO1 and 3 SO2s

Failing that I have a plucky young CPL from Moscow Camp / 95 Sy Sect in mind.......

( specially selected, good for your profile...issued in theatre....posting order to follow....)
Well done to the 'older officer' on the list. He was my RSM in NI in the late 90s. For anyone who is in the process of enlisting or thinking of doing so, there is your role model. From Private to full Colonel; no mean feat.

Even though it's all meant to be a level playing field, I'll be that there are a few Sandhurst graduates in the Corps who are, ahem, 'miffed' to put it politely.....
Well, I sincerely hope that all this brownnosing pays dividends. I haven't seen this much since the PoD's farewell from 39Bde. The sight of it gave me the squitters, it did.

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