Im (finally) finishing University next year and thoughts are turning to debts and careers.I always considered joining the RAF after Uni and joined the RAuxAF just before starting my studies.
Been with them ever since including a suntan Op out in Basrah with the RAF Regiment.Having seen our somewhat "limited" operational role however ive decided i want to go green.So my question is this, will anything be made of my service at the Board?If so how will they look upon it being with the RAF Regt?And how difficult will it be to swap over?



It will probably gain you some credit by demonstrating that you understand the life you intend to sign up to, but it isn't going to be a deal-maker or -breaker.
Limited operational role?
The RAF Regt is doing more and more stuff outside the wire all the time. They get slagged of on here, but the guys are turning round quickly and their role is getting more inf than the historical GBAD. Don't write them off yet.

I am aware of what they do, ive been there and done that, the fact is my i would like a more active role on Ops rather than a 40km ring round the airbase,no slagging of the RAF Regt here, im one of them for gawds sake!

what i meant to say was am i likely to find an anti RAF Regt biased amonst the officers on the board, like some on here?
Short answer - no. Its all down to how you perform in front of the board. It would be reasonable to expect that your performance in front of them will be enhanced by your previous experience which will be to your advantage. Good luck.
Not sure why you say 'not active', or for that matter how you can say 'been there done that'. I know the RAF gets slagged off (indeed it deserves it 99.9% of the time but I can honestly say after 6 years in the RAF that I've had my fair share of Ops stuff to rate with any Army equivilent. It's just where you go that's all!

Saying that the RAF Regt is a particular role - if you'd rather perform an Army Inf role then I wish you the best of luck, bearing in mind the purpose of the roles are different.
stoateek said:
Not sure why you say 'not active', .

Jockanese didn't say "Not Active" he said he was looking for a different role. Exactly as your second paragraph.

The blokes only trying to find out how his time in blue will be viewed by the green board.

Your experiences can only enhance your chances, do what you want to do and hold your head high.
BigRed - no but he did say 'limited operational role' - I was just trying to say that the operational side is only limited in the RAF if your outlook is. As an RAF Regt type this chaps obviously got his head screwed on which is why he's looking elsewhere.

My point was I think that the RAF does have some other similarly minded people and to not dismiss it completely before it had been given a chance. It didn't seem like a different role - it seemed more a role that would deliver what he wanted!

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