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Thanks 40C, I have just received an email from Essex Police in which they say:

"We are liaising with the insolvency practitioners, FRP Advisory, handling the liquidation of BFPL. If, during their investigation, they discover any evidence of criminal offences they will make a formal referral to the Police. They have provided us with copies of the BFPL records they now hold. This will take some time to review owing the quantity of material. Such a review will not begin until we receive a formal referral from FRP Advisory.

This process will not delay the insolvency proceedings in any way."

So it would appear that they will do nothing unless FRP find something and refer it on to them.


The BBC Radio 4 consumer programme 'You & Yours' is doing a piece on this today (2 Jun 11) and it is available on iPlayer & PODCAST for those of you affected. Good luck - it doesn't look promising.

Who set this firm up ? I predict mmiddle ranking ex-mil officers with no financial background.
Does anyone know of the out come of the liquidation board and if we are going to see any pennies back.
Thats all it will be i fear by the end of all this.
Just moved house and thought 'I'll update Blue Forces with my new address'. Opened a can of worms.

Did a search for Blue Forces on Google, immediately saw 'Blue Forces Collapsed'. This has really ruined my day.

Called RBS, they've told me that my mortgage payments are behind by 3k, totally gutted beyond belief.

Have contacted Martin & Co (Mansfield) by email, hopefully they'll get back to me. I don't even know if someone is renting my property, and if someone is in there, where is the rent going???

Also contacted B&C Associates, although from this thread I can see that the chance of getting money back are slim to none. I live close to Mill Hill (there is a meeting on 7 March for creditors), but this is not giving me hope.

I did not even get a letter from Blue Forces to tell me they were going into liquidation. Apparently I got a 2 calls from RBS months ago but my wife and I had split up, so she never passed this on.

How the hell am I supposed to find 3k.

The MOD have dropped us all totally in the sh*t, I obviously wish I'd never signed up to Blue Forces, tried to do the right thing by getting on the property ladder, has totally back-fired, I saw the advert for Blue Forces in a forces magazine too, I'm really really annoyed to say the least.

I just hope some justice comes out of all this.
Not seen if in another thread.....just watched it on Cowboy traders today about Paul Smith's other companies he ran and screwed people forces property forces services forces financial services forces group fence property services Ltd.

I can't understand when someone is made insolvent how they can set it all up again....and the insolvency departments can't do anything.

Anyone affected by this did you get your money back as Paul Smith stated?

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