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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by PLOD, Jan 6, 2003.

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  1. Now there's a topic that has to be close to every self respecting (ex) Airtrooper's heart. How about a few tales from the old den of eniquity and depravity!
    ....Like the time the orderly officer left his Regimental stick on the bar in order to take a leak and whilst he was gone "Pooch" Parlane smacked it on the counter causing the end to break off and was cought in the act.
    .....Or, "Lurch's" leaving do where the contents of the fire bucket were poured over his head whilst he was stood half naked on a stool.(It wasn't water!!!!)
    ......Or, the time Richie Woodhams inadvertently took a short cut from the Beeb to the ground floor!
    I have some photo's, including a visit to the said establishment, last year if someone knows how to display them here I will oblige.
    GENTLEMEN, BEGIN......................................................
  2. The race out one window across the tiles and in through the other.  Not stealing your thunder PLOD, but to those who didn't visit the BBC, it was situated above the accommodation block, some 30+ feet above ground.  Can't remember one lads name, but he went out one window to find the other shut, and his exit was also then shut, and this on a very cold January night.  He was left outside for most of the night, tapping on the window to be let in.

    'Boo' B**ley, walking around in just a pair of willy warmer undies !
  3. I remember the vodka bottle and pool table incident most vividly.
    Oh and some jock fella harpooning his little fella to the same pool table for fun. He was the same jock that kicked the shi*e out of himself and blamed some turks. And he stole all the 'puter's from RHQ. What was the fella's name?
    I remember Jas*n Pr*ce taking the same quick route to the ground floor. Had a bad back ever since.
    I remember Freddie Be**ards bird asking us all if we flew with him. Hilarious. She left with someone else that night.
    I remember Mark T***( don't imagine for a minute anyone minds me mentioning that snakes name) getting laid out a few times for throwing his rank around. He never learnt.
    I also remember thinking Frosty lived there.
  4. Pray tell about the vodka bottle incident.......
  5. An RSM's daughter's best buddy ( with great assistance from Lurch) lay upon said pool table and welcomed Smirnoff's finest with open.....ahem, legs. Give her due, she was completely paraletic but I had just turned 18 and thought it was splendid. However, all was spoilt by the far, far drunker RSM's daughter trying to replicate the same feat. Some left, most were sick and a few were traumatised for life. :'(
    Wasn't it BIFF Bailey? Him and Daryl C***r were a double act.
  7. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Guys please DO NOT post the peoples names on the forums, for obvious reasons

    Sorry for being ****, but please apply your common sense........ For ORG and other offenders, I know you're not graced with any common, you just simply do as you're told ;D
  8. Sorry Helmanx, you were edited before I got the name.
    Use BATCO or something
  9. And now, for all to see, I will name Porridge Gun

    He is .................................

    T W A T ;D
  10. PG,
    Just to let you know that the person who I mentioned is no longer in the AAC,  and to the best of my knowledge ended up in the funny farm in the early half of the 90's
    because he was seriously Schizo.

    So because he is no longer serving could you please let me know what was wrong in posting his name.
  11. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Sorry Helmanx

    Names are sensitive across the thread, I am no longer serving and certainley wouldn't want my name exposing on here as I m sure most others wouldn't.

    Its a requirement of the site, and the COs request.

    If you wish to give peoples names please do it by PM then it stays within the AVN fraternity and doesn't become public onfo
  12. Okey Dokey PG,
    No problems with that, I can understand where you are coming from.
    However if what you say is true, I,m sure RW and MT wouldnt want thier names exposing on here either, which they have been.

    My apologies to the people concerned who mentioned RW and MT in thier posts, I,m not trying to get you in the cack, just make a point.
  13. Anyone recall the time Tommo sat collecting the rubber grommits from the top of grolsch bottles - waited til he had 10 then put them over his knob. When he realised how sore it was, ran downstairs to his room, got a pair of tweezers, ran back up to the bar, sat down and used the tweezers to flick them at people?!
    No, I didn't think it clever either!!!!!!!!
    P.S - Yeah, think you were right - Frosty did live in the beeb - certainly slept there.
    I remember the vodka bottle incident!!!Charming lady.
    Remember the bus load of nurses from Rinteln turning up? - Yes, it actually happened.Want to know more?!
  14. Who shagged the RSM's daughter? now thats the question.

    a SSM in 9 Regt Has the answer. If pressed i could name and shame him ;D
  15. So could alot of people, but we have to do that in a PM as we arent allowed to name people on here otherwise Porridge_gun will slap our hands ;)