Blue badges and free local bus travel for life for Veterans

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockape34, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Haven't seen this elsewhere


    Disabled Forces Sun victory
    Published: 17 Jul 2008

    WOUNDED servicemen and women will get disabled parking permits for LIFE in a victory for The Sun.

    They will be issued with a blue badge that won’t have to be renewed every three years like those for disabled civilians.

    Injured service personnel will also get free travel on local buses.

    Defence secretary Des Browne will make the announcements today.

    A source said the MoD investigated how to help injured personnel after our story on Para Sgt Stu Pearson who lost his blue badge even though his leg was blown off in Afghanistan.


    Penpushers ruled he no longer qualified because he could walk on an artificial leg.
    The source said: “The Sun should be proud of the fact that they got us thinking about how to show veterans we value their sacrifice.”

    Lifelong blue badges will go to all servicemen and women who qualify for a disabled parking ticket.

    Amputees will also be guaranteed the best artificial limbs, while NHS mobile dental surgeries are to visit military bases at weekends and evenings.
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    From the Veterans Agency website:
  3. Not quite the same ob, as at the moment the badges have to be reissued every three years (and no entitlement to free local bus travel in Wales :( ) Swiss Des was supposed to be announcing this today.

    Hopefully this will apply to those receiving a War pension as well.
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  5. I understand that, but under the present rules I have to renew my blue badge every three years, even though it's an automatic entitlement, this could, of course, be up to the issuing authority and they way they (mis)read the regs, and the authority here refused to renew mine at first as they didn't recognise war pensioners/AFCS recipients entitlement, but with a little help from BAFF ... :)
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    The key words are 'without further assessment'
  7. The rules in Wales are different because here we got the old Labour and the new Nationalistic Socialists (Plaid) in power, and they hate anything military, except of course the money that places like St Athen bring in. Remember Rhodry went to a golf tournament on the 60th aniversery of D Day, that shows you how much respect the armed services can expect from the Welsh assembly
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    If they don't do something they will look very mean and stupid , Tonto.
  9. On the same sort of note, why do the English pay for prescriptions however the Scots or Welsh don't. I don't recall seeing anywhere that they pay less NI contributions than the English!!