Bluddy useless NHS works planning

Rant on:

We've got to have building work to our department starting Sunday. Its now 1030 on Friday. NHS plumbers were here at 0830 to turn water off to kitchen and toilet and clinical rooms, so a sink can be removed. 1 sink mind you They arrived mob handed 1xplumber, 1xsupervisor and 1x"projectengineer". Took hour and a half to relise they were going to leave us with no toilets and no source of water for a job starting 48 hours away. Why? "because we finish at 1530 today mate" Mate! Mate! I'm not his bluddy mate. The project bloke has had 3 months to plan this, and we get told today to empty cupboards etc ready for them. There is now 2 plumbers (NHS variety) and 2 contractors sucking air between their teeth. Project waster has gone away. And they are asking me where to put the water cooler, fridge and microwave, I've got few ideas but it will involve surgery at a later stage. however young apprentice has now turned up and said just cap the pipes exposed so water can run elsewhere, bleeding obvious or what. I'm in the middle of seeing a patient in they walk "just checking water is running", but its not my sink affected. "sorry mate."


Rant off, feels better, goes to make coffee. NO FECKING WATER!!!
1145 project bloke has just come in asking me to sign off the plans as correct. Funny i said but you've started work, is this not a bit late? No says he its what we do. FFS imcompetence rules. Not signed of the plans as I'm a nurse and plans don't bleed, so I have no idea if they are right or not. Harrumph says he I suppose I'd better get the chief engineer to sign them..

Hows that patient you were looking after between having a go at
useless planners and posting on Arrse :twisted:

Chill and have a nice weekend wherever you are, its heavy rain down in Devon today and tomorrow.

Go to local newsagent.Look for Polish plumbers advert.Job will be finished in 30 minutes.No tea breaks.No mess.
Hope "your" plumbers remember to fit stop valves under new sink.
Lucky only had 2 patients this am to see, as the others had cancelled. Not raining here and hope it stays away as I'm up at the TA pagent tommorrow.

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