Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by maguire, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    so, following on from the thread regarding the PS3/Xbox 360 thread on the gaming forum, where I said I'd be going blu-ray now the Alien series has been announced as in the works for a release ( ), I took the plunge and picked one up from Richer Sounds on the way home the other night, and then ordered a big stack of discs off Amazon( no point having nothing to play now, is there?? ;) ) - having just watched the 2001 br disc, all I can say It was like watching adifferent film, with colours and textures I've never really seen before. that and The Thing look absolutely superb - the best I've ever seen them look, across vhs and then dvd.
    Amazon are doing a good offer at the moment with 3 for 2 on selected br discs - so even with the higher priced ones you're effectively paying £10-12 for each disc at the most, making the price a bit more palatable (at least to a tightwad like me).
    theres a handy database here - - of what will work in UK players as well, as the current UK release list is somewhat thin.
  2. So if one were about to buy a new device, DVDs, for the playing of, would it be best to go for Blu-ray, HD-DVD, or what? One is somewhat confused ;)
  3. My bold, now a dead format.
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

  5. The good thing about a PS3 is that besides having a very good Blu-Ray player built in, it actually "upscales" DVD's, so you don't have to just spend a ton on new Blu-Ray's to get better quality films. (Or forget your DVD library)
  6. i have a sony PS3 and Sony stand alone blu-ray player and both are outstanding. Zulu is well worth looking at as a blu-ray dsc. All blu-ray players will "upscale" normal DVDs
  7. Zulu is just about the best picture quality I have seen on Blu Ray, Wall-e is pretty close behind though.

    Splashed out on the Bourne films today on Blu Ray, well worth it. I have them on DVD already and they upscale pretty well but the blu ray picture and sound quality is brilliant. Ultimatum is a bit better than Identity and Supremacy but not by much.
  8. What leveller said.

    I would get a PS3 if I were you. Most stand alone BD players are in the region of £150-£300+. PS3 can be had for about the same and you have the added bonus of a 'home ent system' too. Games, wifi internet, DVD (upscaled as mentioned), music and BD all in one lovely package.

    I have Sky+ HD, PS3 (US spec), XBox 360 (with HD DVD) and a Sony surround system all going through a 4 way HDMI splitter into my LCD TV. All are controlled through one remote so I have the best of every world. Porn on any format. :)
  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'I would get a PS3 if I were you.'

    sorry, cant agree - there are very few games in sony's back catalogue at the minute, and you'll get better performance off a dedicated player. and no fan noise. and you're not giving any more money than you have to to those grabbing cnuts at Sony. ;)
  10. I suppose it depends what you want really. I tend to agree that buying a good stand alone BD (£250+) will give you better performance but how much do you really need? The human eyeball only works at about 45fps and 'only' has a colour perception of 10 mill colours. :roll:

    Yep, the PS3 has compromises but I believe the benefits outweigh them. As for fan noise? Can't hear it with 200Dbs of 7.1 surround. :)

    As for those robbing Sony cunts? Every BD you buy, a small part of the proceeds goes to them. ;)
  11. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it was the whole 'it doesnt matter how much we charge for the PS3, people will pay it' that really stuck in my craw with regard to that.
    and there's still feck all worth all playing on it that you cant already get on the 360... ;)
  12. Not to try and fight Sony's corner, but have a look at this,

    If you want top-level tech, you're going to have to pay for it.
  13. Formula One Championship Edition. :wink:

    (Although rFactor on the PC has made the PS3 redundant)
  14. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    seen the date on that story? 'Last updated November 16, 2006'.

    blu ray is still to really take off like dvd did - the main reason I've took the plunge is as I say, the Alien films are due for release in this format soon. and if not for Amazon doing the 3 for 2 thing, theres no way I'd be buying them at £20-25 a pop in HMV. and even in the big stores, the blu ray displays are relatively tiny... if they dropped the prices by a third say and expanded the catalogue they'd got a lot more interest off film buffs - as it is, the studios are releasing some right old sh1t at hugely inflated prices.

    as for the F1 game, no console F1 game has come close to F1 97 on the PS 1 imho... except for GPL on the pc.

    tell you what would be ace, GPL updated for the late 70s wing cars or the 80s turbo machines.
  15. You really need to look at rFactor mate. About 20 euros, downloadable and what makes it superb is it is 100% mod'able. Its like MS Flight Sim for cars. Any track, any year, any car with any config. Fancy driving a 1992 Williams around the Top Gear test track? No probs; just download the free mods. I've just downloaded the entire 2009 F1 season cars, tracks and drivers (all free).

    You'll find that most of the cars from GPL have been converted and put into rFactor (as well as most of the tracks). There is a large modding fraternity turning out anything and everything.

    2007 McLaren MP4-22 (actual in game shot)

    Its a huge amount of fun having a race where you can choose whatever opposition you like (if you have downloaded it). Fancy driving around a 1980s version of Silverstone in a Ferrari Enzo and have the opposition in every thing from a Yugo hatchback to a monster truck?? If you like realistic, geeky F1 or driving sims, rFactor is a MUST.

    Be back in a minute. My Brawn BGP001 has just finished downloading. :)