Blu Ray v HD DVD

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SlimeyToad, May 19, 2007.

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  1. Any experts around these parts on which one is going to win the race?

    I've seen both HD DVD and Blu Ray demo'ed on 1080p HD TV but the Blu Ray was an animation and the HD DVD live acting.

    The Blu Ray animation was absolutely stunning but the HD DVD live was quite disappointing (in comparison) but I would imagine if the animation was on the HD DVD it would look as good....maybe?

    So, any experts?
  2. Dunno. Since they've managed to come out with a machine that's able to play both of the formats it could stretch out the competition somewhat - unlike the old VHS/Betamax fight where with different formats/players you had to make a decision which lead to a fairly quick conclusion.
  3. Please, do tell me more, Brick.

    Watched my first HD animated film on Virgin Media this evening - awesome, even on my mere 720p HD TV. The difference in quality is so insignificant to the Mk.1 eyeball that it would not justify spending the extra £ 500 + for the 1080p.

    And the match this afternoon on BBC HD was excellent.

    The difference is really noticeable, the only problem being that some non-HD programmes on LCD can look quite naff.
  4. I've watched quite a few films on both formats now and have to say that Blu-ray is superior. I dont think there's any major disagreements on which is the technically superior format.

    It is all going to come down to what the consumer is prepared to pay which is far from certain.

    I think Blu-ray now has the lead in terms of disc sales and has more film studios signed up but HD-DVD discs are cheaper to produce and there's talk of extremely cheap HD-DVD players on the way, so its far from certain who's going to prevail.

    I couldnt resist any longer so I went out and bought a PS3, received a complimentary copy of Casino Royale and it looks absolutely stunning on my 42" plasma. You will not want to go back to conventional DVDs after seeing HD, it really does live up to the hype!

    I think we should have a fair idea within a year, or possibly even by this Xmas, on who has the lead.

    Prices for players are dropping very fast though so I would recommend holding on to your money for a while yet. Also its wise not to buy too many conventional DVDs as they look obsolete compared to the HD versions.

    Alternatively you could plump for the dual-format player that LG have come up with, the BH100, and Samsung have an even better model coming out in Xmas.

    I would wager that they would cost the best part of a grand though which isnt viable for most people.
  5. The porn industry has plumped for the HD-DVD format.

    Simple result then. ;)

    I have HD-DVD and it is the dogs kahunas; especially on a massive LCD. Not seen BluRay so couldn't give a comparison.

    I've noticed in the likes of Virgin mega stores and HMV that there are a few more BluRay titles than HD-DVD but only just. It's still a close race and as with VHS/Beta, the better format may not ultimately be the winner.
  6. I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day, about the same question....
    Now, he works for sanyo..and his answer to me was " H-D is the nuts at the mo..but we are working on a blu-ray format, that will make H-D look like black and white in a few years time.. "
    He would,nt elaborate any more, but i understood it to mean that blu-ray is still very much in its infancy, And is yet to be utilised to its full capability.
    I,m gonna hang on a while, we are now starting to look for a new t.v etc.
    but i dont want to be caught out again...

    ( guess which idiot bought a BETAMAX in 1981, )
  7. If your unsure i know one of the big manufacturers has made a dual format DVD player, so you can buy either format and not get bit on the arrse when either one flops.
  8. Cow

    Cow LE

    AV Forums is an excellent place for more info, if you read the news, Wall Mart in the US is about to place large order for HD DVD Players, selling them cheap. I'm sure that these formats will take a while to settle down. They're not really affordable yet and some of the technology is still very new.

  9. If you are on about the LG BH100, its UK price will be around £1000. For that you can buy an X Box 360 with HD-DVD player, a PS3 (with built in BluRay) and still have a couple of hundred quid to spare. ;) Yep, it will come down in price.....
  10. I think that one of the major drivers that made VHS win over Betamax was that you could record on VHS at home, but not on Betamax.


    Will either BluRay or HD-DVD be able to be recorded on at any point in the near future?
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    I've seen pictures of a BluRay Drive for the PC, unsure of costs but I think the question was what would you need it for. With Hard Drives becoming common and more versatile than Removable Media, I can't see as much need to burn to a disk.
  12. i have got the xbox 360 hddvd player and bought a few films with it too, full metal jacket was pretty much bog standard but alot of the new films especially those with bright vibrant special effects were mindblowing.

    if im going to spend £25 on a dvd then it will have to be a recent film from now on.
  13. I have both an xbox 360 with the hd dvd player and a PS3, for picture and sound quality Blu-Ray wins. But as previously said the price of the dvds is a joke £30+ for some

  14. (Amazon. Brand new, almost half the price. Delivery usually within two days. ;) )
  15. Save this DVD price comparison site to your favourites people, and never buy from the high street again.