Blu ray drives

Hi, just bought a blu-ray drive to replace my normal cd drive on my computer. Am i right in thinking that:-
1) It will be able to play normal PC games
2) It will read CD's
3) It will play dvd's

Many thanks


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Are Blu Ray drives available as plug ins as I've just started buying Blurays as opposed to DVDs and would like the option of both when travelling?
Blu-Ray drivesnload much slower than DVD drives. So give it a while before you start thinking it's broken.
It's a case of the drives not showing on "my computer" so i think they probably haven't been installed properly. Any ideas gents ?
....Or ensure the cables are seated correctly first. Reinstall drivers or check for newer drivers on the manufacturers website.
If its an older IDE drive make sure the jumper settings are correct, I'd imagine its probably a Sata drive though.

If you right click on My Computer and go to manage, then click Device Manager, have a look there for any errors next to the DVD/CD roms drive option.

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