Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by clarabelle, Mar 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi, i've not seen anything else that answers this question...apologies if i've missed it...

    This week, as part of our Wednesday's training, our class of recruits were practicing mouth to mouth on the resuss-doll. I was last and had to do it for 3mins - which was fine but...i then ended up with a rather nasty red mark on my bottom lip and part of my chin, which at the time burned a little and 2 days later hasn't even started to disappear. I mentioned it to the 2 in charge of the class at the time, one said they arent medically trained and it wasnt anything to do with him and the other mentioned something about me going last...

    Basically what i'd like to know this a normal reaction (maybe an allergy or - as the doll was wiped after every use - overkill on the anti-bacterial side) or is my tecnique incorrect?

    any advice would be appreciated :roll:
  2. The only red marks I've ever known of is from when the alcohol from the wipes isn't removed from the the doll's lips properly prior to contact with the mouth. Even then, it's not long lasting.
  3. Nip off to your GP. Could just be a sore with nothing to do with the BLS lesson, or perhaps the doll wasn't wiped properly and you picked something up from someone else.
  4. Have seen people pressing too hard get red marks or even if practicing a lot some minor bruising. Hard part to remember is its just a doll and you try to hard to get a seal and that happens.
  5. You've got Herpes. You will look like a chav c*ck sucker during any period of tiredness or stress. Enjoy! :D
  6. If only you knew how many squaddies cocks resussyannie has had the pleasure of gobbling you would be asking this down the GU Clinic and not on Arrse.
  7. Is Ressi-Annie made of latex? Possible reaction, either way off to the GP, and inform the COC of the results.
  8. Its herpes from my blobby knob
  9. did you let it run down your chin? if you'd have swallowed the lot first go you'd be grand :)

  10. This sounds like a reaction to something rather than an infection. Don't listen to those that say that it's something to do with herpes or a bacterial or fungal infection. Firstly, they couldn't possibly diagnose that based on what you have said, and secondly an infection would take far longer to manifest any symptoms. Aside from the kinetics of replication, symptoms from herpes viruses are normally from resurfacing of latent virus rather than primary infection.

    Have it looked at by a GP. If nothing else, it's worth knowing that you may have had a reaction to something so that you can avoid it in the future. For example, I don't have an allergy to latex but I do have one to the powder that you sometimes get in latex gloves to prevent a build up of sweat. I went through a lot of pain in undergraduate lab classes before this was figured out. They even changed the gloves that I used to nitrile, but unfortunately they ordered powdered nitrile...
  11. Oh dear, I forget the name of this particular condition but it can be cured by have several facials of donkey semen.

    Pleased to help.

  12. If manikin wipes were used it could be them, we have been told not to use them as some people have a reaction to them.
  13. Well! what can i say, thank you for your (varied) replies - im leaning towards the wipes being the problem - thanks :)


  14. Thanks! 8O
  15. Thankfully ALL the lads went first :wink: