Blowing your own trumpet

I have never been a great fan of the “oh oh look at me, look at me” school of self publicity, although it has served certain members of our illustrious Corps very well over the years.

Am I alone in cringing, before, during and after reading the article in the Craftsman about a certain Officer and his adventures as SO3 Media Ops on H7?

I note the smattering of obligatory comments about how important Media Ops is and what a great job our boys are doing (which I would never dispute) but please; is this not self publicity in its purest form?

Particularly cringe worthy is the pic of the author with a CSM from 1 RGR. The scary little bugger sports a PRR, a pen and a torch on his body armour whilst our intrepid hero sports two rank slides, a bayonet and a karabiner amongst his other ally stuff!

Maybe I am over-reacting here; I’m sure my fellow ARRSErs will tell me if I am. :x
This thread isnt what I thought it was about, so im afraid I cant comment.


Ho hum, I suppose I should have thought more carefully about the thread title if I did not want to attract the hard of thinking!
He is such a warrior. He looks like he has just got off his skateboard with those knee pads on!!!

Is he not from the same generation of Radar techs that do the blowing of own trumpet??
If i remember rightly, a certain scratchy character went through the same stage of the mid life(sorry commission) crisis!!
You sure that shouldn't read itchy?
Blow your own trumpet, before someone else steals the music.
(edit) If you find yourself playing in a band make sure they get their own solo.


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