Blowing the lid on preconceptions

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pebbles015, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Well good gentlemen. As most of you great unwashed would already know. I is a scouser of ulteriour intelligence but an ex crab on top.

    We all hate walts but fuck me sideways! I have witnessed first hand those I can attest to be "them" walting the bejesus out of it. Hereford is full of them pretending to be them! I live at the back of pontrilas and see the training first hand, as a serviceman and a civvy. What the fluke is going on when "them" need to walt it or is it universally mandatory???
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  2. What?
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  3. Congratulations, you've just won the dullest thread of 2012 and were only 6 months in sheeps.
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  4. Sort your avatar out.
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  5. I once drank Brut 33 for a bet, and even I can't make sense of the OPs post.
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  6. What the flying fuck is a "minges"?
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  7. There was a Spanish letch at my uni who fancied 2 chavvy dolly birds who worked at the local Greggs.

    We sent him in for a sausage roll and 2 dripping minges! There were red faces.

    'I don't know what is this minge' he hissed, 'but I intend to find out'.

    1st of many hilarious stories about that cunt!

    Does that answer your question?
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  8. That wont be THEM, then,that be THEY, then
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  9. I think so. It's a front bottom; the sort of thing that a lady plays with when they're watching John Barrowman on the telly, while I'm cooking her fucking dinner and cleaning up after the fat, idle cow.
  10. Good call that man! OP, PM me your address so I can post you your 'Dullest Post on ARRSE Commemorative Coco Mug'. Congratulations.
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  11. Jesus wants you for a sunbeam.
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  12. Oh right, so because it's my avatar you object to it. If it was David Attenborough going on about two ladybirds engaging in the beauty of creation, you'd be nursing a semi at this very moment! Philistine.
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  13. puff, i up your brut with sipping joop

    trust me i had nightmares
  14. I'd save the Joop for special occasions. The Brut was from a very good hour though.
  15. He means WHELK.
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