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Blowing my own Bugle


I am writing this to advertise my latest book "Blowing my own Bugle" which members here may find amusing. It covers my 38 years in the army in The LI and SASC. The book costs £4.50 and can be bought by going to then typing the name of the book in the appropriate box. A synopsis of the book can be read on the site before buying. The book is a re-ash of the original "Hotspots in the Falklands" and those that already have that would perhaps not enjoy it as much unless they wanted a digital copy. Happy reading.


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I really don't wish to be a pedant, but in the tradition of Arrse any thread titled 'Blowing My Own Bugle' should really be about how the OP contorted himself and broke three ribs whilst trying to suck himself off during an exercise in Sennelager, 1986.

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