Blowback Operated Minigun

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Canashea, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yes, and it's bollocks.
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I really can't be arsed to go through all this again, but just because a twelve year old has produced a small line drawing on a home pc doesn't make it a viable concept.

    There are many reasons why it is kak, just one of which is how to get the fecking thing rotating.
    Using a bolt/spring combo with sufficient force to keep the chamber sealed until the pressure curve has reached safe levels, where does the energy to turn the bbls and operate the feed system come from ?

    Besdes which, who in their right mind would want to make this ?
    What use is it ? (Apart from fuelling the late night solo fumblings of adolescents.)

    Canashea, one of your spotty oppos posted the same thing a few weeks back.
  3. Horridlittleman and Canashea - do you actually want to own up to beleiving this pish?.......

    Christ my crafties could come up with better in the ten seconds it takes for the rech-mech to wolf down 2 hot-dogs in buns at gadafi-break, grow the feck up and think..................

    Blow-back-operated-minigun my arrse................
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Reference my last:
    I must retract that statement Canashea, it wasn't one of your spotty little friends that posted the pic in the gallery.

    It was you.
    Or rather one of your alter egos, in this particular case Browno.

    Do you really need all these log-in names ?

    Talking of spotty little oiks, I carried out a quick search on the subject and apart from finding out that Canashea aka Browno aka Bashabasher has asked the same question in a number of other places including the Iran Defence forum and the appropriately named Knob Creek forum, most of the 'gen' is on paintball sites, I discovered this gem from the resident coprophiliac:

    You really are a cretin aren't you ?
  5. Battsim, sorry I wasn't particularly clear in who my "Why?" was aimed at. Put it this way I'm with Cutaway on the "Yes, and it's bollocks." My why should be read as why......the fcuk would someone post that sh!te on here to get ripped to shreds!

    I feel dirty that I could be associated with such pish!
  6. Gents I cannot claim any great knowledge on small arms but a Magazine fed Mini Gun !
  7. HLM, welcome back into the fold, you are redeemed......
  8. Now - I'm not a weapons head but doesn't this pose a bit of a problem?

    I watched Star Wars the other night and we need to get some of them Bubble throwing catapults that what disable tanks like.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yes LB, it would be a problem - however your quote comes from the pen of that famous master guru of all things weaponry, the inimitable and execrable Browno/Bashabasher/Canashea. (note it's definitely not Ganesha.)
    Only he, and possibly his mummy, knows what goes on between his ears.

    Unfortunately I doubt he'll post on this thread again so he won't be able to answer your question directly.
  10. Thats not a minigun thats fish wrappers and papier mache


    Thats a gatling / minigun :D
  11. as has been said, it is not possible to make a practical man-portable minigun, ala predator, for the following reasons:

    1. Ammo usage - The Rate of fire; what several thousand rounds per min? it would not be possible for a gunner even with a number 2 to carry enough ammo to make the gun useful. lets say 3000 rds a min (probably more but for arguements sake) 3000 divided by 60 = 50 secs
    so you would have 50 secs of continuous fire available. with 5.56mm calibre wpn you would have to carry 3.3 ammo boxes to get 50 secs of fire. we (most of us, except probably the ACF cadets :D ) all know how heavy 1 full ammo box is. imagine tabbing around with over 3 of them plus the weight of the gun itself & your personnal kit. If the wpns 7.62mm, it becomes even worse. I also assume that the ammo belt link would add more weight to the rounds.

    2. The battery pack would weight a tone & probably be rather large.

    3. Even if you overcame the above problems the torque of the spinning barrels would cause the gun to wildly slew around.

    you can & the septics have mounted miniguns up to 7.62 calibre on helicopters & I think they weere trialed on ground vehicles with less success due to stability.
    there is also the AC 130 spectre gunship hercules which has 2 x 20mm rotary cannon (amongst other armarments), thou these may have been reduced to one on the latest version.
  12. FOllowing on from serial 1's my two penneth...worth a view... :

    you would need more than a number 2.... and the csm would be breathing out of his hoop on the replen :)
  13. In the year 1987 the movie "Predator" (starring A. Schwarznegger) hit the screens. One of the most impressive scenes was the one where the US Commandos, attempted to fight the alien Predator. One of Commandos was armed with the distinctive weapon, a 6-barreled rotary Minigun, fed from backpack ammo box. This gave the impression that Miniguns can be used for infantry support. It must be noted, that in this movie, a special blank firing version of the Minigun was used. The electric motor was powered via a cable, hidden in the actors trousers, and the actor had to wear a bulletproof vest and protective mask to avoid injuries from the fast and violently ejecting empty cases. Had this gun being fired using real ammunition, the actor would have ended up lying on his back, being thrown off his legs by the violent recoil. The "backpack" ammo capacity, also, could be worth only several seconds of fire. lets calculate: 2 000 rounds of 5.56mm ammo will weight about 25 kg (55 lbs); 2 000 rounds of 7.62mm will weight about 2 times more, making such load almost impossible to carry on foot. |Yet this load of ammo will worth only 20 or so seconds of fire. Add some powerful batteries to power the electrical drive of about 4KWt (4+ horse-power), and the bulk of the gun itself, and you'll see that even the strongest man won't be able to carry this load, less to fire it with any chance to hit, due to extremely powerful recoil!