Blow up doll

I bought a new blow up doll last week,

I punctured it so it would go down on me..

If you want me I'm waiting for my taxi outside!!!


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A man buys a blow up doll from a sex shop for ten pounds. takes it home and finds that it has got a puncture. takes it back to the shop and says " I brought this doll in here yesterday and it has gone down on me three times since then" Shopkeeper says " If I had known that it would go down on you, I would have charged you a lot more than ten quid".


I bought a Muslim blow-up doll the other week. I got on the Tube to go home, and it blew itself up!
I bought a blow-up doll the other week and it was just like the real thing!

It wouldnt suck me off, couldnt cook and I dumped it in the canal

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