Blow out the candles, scotlass

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mr_Nibbler, May 2, 2007.

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  1. As a result of visiting the chat room over the weekend with drink taken I found out that scotlass is celebrating a birthday today, probably with a haggis supper and a big bottle of Irn Bru.

    Yes – she’s twenty one (so she tells us - believe her if you will). And yet she’s still faffing around on here to make all us blokes look like big soft jessies. And to be honest she seems to succeed sometimes, although on occasion extreme mongness cuts in when we’re not paying any attention and we can cringe later on at our leisure.

    So who is scotlass? She is obviously not English, or Scots-Irish, or Welsh, but she could be a gingwar. Damn – there goes my fantasy. Anyway. She’s been around ARRSE for some time and not been O2 Thief-ed thus far. And she has done her bit for general amusement, so it seems.

    So ladies, gentlemen, serving, retired, civvies, sybil serpants, scum journos, walts, chavs and anyone I’ve missed….please wish scotlass a very happy birthday. Or something.
  2. She should be good at 21st Birthday Parties by now though.

  3. Happy Birthday Scotlass.
  4. Aww thank you, and yes indoubitabley, ive done the washing up...

    Edited for being all overcome with emotion..sniff sniff...
  5. You spelt my name wrong, and after the candles, I've noticed that chimney hasn't been swept this week.
  6. Happy birthday Scotty , almost forgot Scotlass is one HOT MILF :judge:
  7. Happy Birthday Scotlass.

    You realise if this takes you past the legal age of consent indoubitabley
    wont chat to you anymore. :D
  8. Some things you just have to live with Cad, but its ok i can still fit into my school uniform.....
  9. ive got a candle for you to blow out

    yes i know it was obvious but i had to get it in before someone else does
  10. As can I ... although I do look a tadge silly in your little white ankle socks!
  11. I hope it isn't a Masters uniform!!!! Thank you Mr Chips?
  12. Happy Birthday, Scotlass!

  13. I don't believe you, I demand some proof in the photo gallery (Unless you were an 18 stone grubber in school, in which case, I'm sure I can take your word for it.)
  14. Birthday eh?

    Quick lads, give her the bumps!

  15. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Many happy returns, fair lady. The case of champagne and the diamond ring are on their way by limousine to you. Be sure to be wearing the school uniform when you receive them. Including the straw boater, navy blue bloomers and hockey stick.