Blow back? "IRA bombs killed eight British soldiers in Iraq"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Guardian_Reader, Oct 16, 2005.

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  1. (might be something you know already)

    I thought this was interesting, technology sharing, west -> east

    I can't find the story but I seem to remember that Israelis were building bunkers for the RUC to resist mortar attacks. The reason the Israelis were used, was due the IRA mortar's being very similar to Hezbollah mortar design, used to destory Israeli bunkers. east -> west
  2. Sounds like Mr Ingram is running a bit short of cash this month, quite a stretch ov the imagination for anyone who actually knows anything about 'RA engineering, yet alone international terrorism

    Fortunately for the Indy's headline writers, they have to take everything Ingram tells them as gospel, because they know 'buck all about either. Now he's an "Intelligence Officer" as well? He must have secretly rejoined after he PVRd and got Commissioned in another name.

    Is he also trying to hint that the brits passed this technology over to Hizbollah in the 1990s? Like an organisation the size of Hizbolla are incapable of working it ot for themselves??

    Some of use brits must have come down the Laggan in a barrel to have got take in by a wild story like that.

    I bet Ingram got more than a free lunch for spinning that yarn out
  3. Frankly this is utter b*llocks. Sangar designs have been done in NI by RE cone heads since the begining. The Columbian group FARC was given mortar technology by the IRA as did ETA but not Hizbollah.
  4. Bit of a crossed wire here. Govt are keen to blame Iran for this technology and along comes someone else to allege that it is really old hat technology from the emerald khazi. What if it comes out that govt are wrong - kills blaming Iran and adds to dirty dealing allegations. And, if old hat, where were the counter-measures/duty of care aspects?
  5. Could it be that there was no collusion and they actually worked it out for themselves?

    Just 'cos they didn't go throught he UK educational system, does not mean they are thick. There is also a lot more info out in interweb world now. The Indie is short of stories and needed a Govt bash for the new 'Compact Quality Sunday' edition (not that Govt bashing is a bad thing).

    Also, what are the counter-measures against light? Curtains? If there is a counter-measure that works, lets sell it to the celebrities and make some cash!
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    According to Ulsters 'Sunday Life' paper,the link was discovered by PSNI officers still investigating the 1992 murder of RUC Con Colleen McMurray.She was on patrol in Newry when her armoured car was blown up by a IED in a Toyota car.The firing mechanism was triggered by a camera flash gun aimed at a photo electric cell connected to the det.

    Here's the link to the story.

  7. Or maybe they just went out to the local B&Q, bought some kit and had a play around until they found a setup that worked ? Sometimes it is that simple.
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    IRA(N) - maybe just a typo? or something more sinister...