Bloodyback, by James Daniel. (An unashamed plug).

One of my oldest and best mates from Army days, has finally got round to self-publishing his American War of Independence novel, Bloodyback, online for Kindle users (I understand you can get a PC version of the app . . )

He published 3 proper/paperback thrillers back in the 90s, but his budding career was snuffed out in the wake of the net book agreement, so it's a pleasure to see him 'out there' again - not least since he put an awful lot of work into putting the story together.

You can download it from here: Bloodyback eBook: James Daniel: Kindle Store

. . . and it has already earned itself a 5-Star review from a serving Spam (good thing? Bad thing? Dunno)

It is dirt cheap (under £1.00!!) - so if you're into well-researched military historical fiction - this could be right up your alley.

(P.S. Main character is in the 5th of Foot - so my fellow Fusiliers ought to be at least a bit interested)

I won't review it - 'cos I is biased - but don't let that stop anyone else.

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