Bloody thieves but you still cant call them pikeys!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 1stgulfmac, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. But no arrests....
  2. And you're surprised? :roll:

    Welcome to the UK, where only the law-abiding tax-payers fear the Law. The criminals just laugh at it. :evil:
  3. No not surprised... I volunteer for Horse Watch... its amazing if the Police or owners manage to track them down how many horses have simply "wandered" into camps...
  4. I presume that the thieves weren't actually stood by the goods claiming responsibility. Hence the most likely reason for no arrest yet.

    Bear in mind that we still operate on the system of still requiring some type of reasonable suspicion to link a person to an offence prior to arrest.


    Bleepy device leads Mr. Plod to the pog site and there are all the horses, JCB's, Landrovers etc all parked up nicely. OK, you found the gear.

    Now link the property to the offender/s. I'm not even going to begin the suggestion that starts "Well you could ask if anyone saw it coming in on the site...."

    This leaves - Fingerprints/DNA/CCTV/Witnesses outside the site. All of which take time - Hence no arrests immediately.

    I understand the wish for immediate action but what's the point of locking up people without any reasonable proof? Just a waste of money is all...
  5. You're right. you can't call them Pikeys. I prefer Do as you likeys. They generally do whatever they likey.

    Serious note. SK is right. unless said friendly irish/romany travelling folk were sat on or in or carrying said items trying to attribute them to said suspect would be very difficult indeed and before you could say "false arrest" a dozen lawyers would be all over the local plod like a distraction burglar at an OAP's complex.
  6. Didn't the Italians recently rule that it was reasonable for a husband to "chastise" his wife?
  7. If only the 'Travellers' had consulted one of their numerous fortune tellers they'd have known about not letting these items stay on the site after 'someone' dropped them off.
  8. Don't hold you're breath waiting for arrests; unless one of them confesses, plod will probably think it too risky. And even if they do arrest someone, chances are the Criminal Protection Service will drop it faster than a whore's knickers on a Saturday night.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nope they are still Pikey thieving scum, nothing romantic about them unless they are leaving or burning!
  10. I expect the victims are just glad to get their stuff back....
  11. Locally, we prefer 'Gentlemen of the Showman's Guild'.