Bloody TA theifs

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by scotscop, Jan 30, 2004.

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  1. Not that im annoyed or anything but if the theiving STAB who robbed all three of my berets reads this site im going to gut you, come on they're red for fuck sake! :evil:

    anyways, sorry about that
  2. Red.... I was hoping that you had confused the issue with maroon but then again your user name kind of gives the game away.

    Divine Retribution.

    Ha ha RMP get's all his hats stolen.... genius!

    Still, I hate theives as my car got robbed by some drug fuelled pikeys last weekend so I do have a some compassion for your strife.

    Gut the fecker if you find him, either that or use a sack of door knobs..... the weapon of choice!
  3. yeah definitely red :)

    I had to go on the hunt for any *spare* replacements, sadly no.
    Suppose you have to laugh at RMP being robbed, but still grrrr :evil:
  4. I wouldn't laugh at that. Honest guv.

  5. the worst bit was having to go and get some nice new ones - the mocking laughs still hurt :p
  6. Still sniggering.......
  7. Why not nail the new one on.

    I'm sure there will be no shortage of volunteers to help..

    I have a spare hitli gun and egg banjo can count nails :D
  8. Oh dear - MDN is talking about nailing people already. And the night is still young........

    (I will hold the Manc down while you two attach it)
  9. I hope you gather more information and clues and present them with a little more detail in your day to day work as a military policeman.... or are you just proving that you lot really are as cr4p as we all think you are?
  10. In fact yeah - PP - how can we put our faith in the RMP to solve our crimes when they can't even solve who stole their berets???

    Pah! :cry:
  11. send for tamsin..she will solve it all for you :D
  12. We dont solve crimes - who told you that lie? or have you been watching 'red cap' a little bit to much. My whole aim in life is to piss you all off :D
  13. Well we know from experience that you don't solve crimes. But as for "your whole life" just being to 'piss us all off'? Who do you think you are? A staff officer?

    If you think just your turning up would piss people off then think again.... it’s your complete professional incompetence that gets us going. Don’t over-do your self-importance. We won’t :)
  14. trust me, you'd hate having me around - your arm would be sore from throwing it up all the time, and 'sir' would become the only word you were capable of speaking :wink:
  15. ........fetch that frigging Hilti gun and stand back. This is going to get messy.