Bloody Sunday

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Roger99, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. Didn’t the Paras also panic and screw up in Kosovo by shooting dead some non-threat civilians? It seems as though we can’t send these imbeciles anywhere without later becoming embarrassed by their unprofessional behaviour.
  2. Prat. Utter prat.
  3. You are a total fking pr1ck fk of to bridgend and hang your self.
  4. You didn’t try very hard. It took me about 10 seconds to find the following using Google search.

  5. Dunno. But I do know a few ex-members of the Parachute Regiment. Why don't you PM me your home address and they can come round and chat to you about it?
  6. Dont give him mine,I dont want to panic and hit a non-threat civillian

  7. When one learns one goes from a state of ignorance, to a little learning, to a moderate amount of knowledge, on to a better understanding and more knowledge of a subject, then one perhaps spends years or decades becoming as near expert as possible.

    Is is sadly easy to stop along the way, especially at the "little learning stage", and announce oneself as expert.

    The internet has helped with the availability of "facts" and "opinions", which can now be gleaned so much more easily than ever before; again sadly, "fact" is not always fact but often biased opinion; and "opinion" is rarely matched with a name to whose opinion was quoted, thus giving little credence to anything.

    By and large intelligence cell threads on here draw a wide variety of opinion on subjects, but it is rare to see such astoundingly ill-researched and totally bland criticisms as in your "can't send these imbeciles anywhere".

    We do not tend to send The Paras, on the whole, to intenational conferences on peace, or debates on the environment, or sit them behind desks to answer questions from the public about their partner's right to legal aid or benefits; and in any of those situations I would be the first (not as a group I may add, but by criticising the behaviour of individuals), to leap to your side, and criticize over-violent action or reaction.

    To even a "Sun" reader on a bad picture day, it would though seem apparent that we send them to violent areas and situations potentially lethal to themselves and innocent parties. We even send them, oddly again perhaps to some, to wars, which have no relation to "normal" life whatsoever.

    I have not served Regular Army, but was born in Belfast, with family on both sides of the disputes of the last forty odd years, and I have been caught up there in situations of violent assembly. I have been afraid of who might or might not have weapons around me and that someone may be shot, and particularly that it might be me. Whether the shot may have come from a republican terrorist, a loyalist, or even had I moved in front of some rightful target, by our forces. Had I been armed and serving on two of those occasions, with a duty to protect the mass of those around me, and my comrades, I honestly do not know that I might not have been the cause of some unfortunate and even inappropriate death; once evidence had been swept away, and the white collar boys moved in later to investigate, well after the white heat of the minute had dispersed.

    I suspect I may, had I been in The Queen's uniform on those two occasions, have been far more likely to use my weapon than any of the soldiers there.

    Mr Roger99, I simply put it to you, that you rather obviously do NOT know that of which you speak.

    Save your true ire, Mr Roger99, for those who start wars for profit, for power and for position; they kill thousands without a backward glance.
  8. Once again some ********, probably a "student" has come onto the site to have a dig at the military! When will tossers like him realise that it is just because of men like the Paras he seems to despise, who fought and gave their lives so that he can have the FREEDOM to make nonsensical comments without the fear of the knock on the door in the night and the hauling off to the re education center or worse!
    Show some respect for your BETTERS (that is any serviceman) you total waste of sperm!
  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Don't you just love it when people with no apparent military service rock up at this site and start pontificating upon events that they obviously have no experience of, unless Roger99 has served in NI which I doubt very much.

    Maybe we should adopt the same motto as the Hells Angels Motor Cycle Club.

    "When we do right, nobody remembers. When we do wrong, nobody forgets".

    How very true.
  10. But he is right first time "Your a fucking prat"
  11. Bit of a sweeping statement there.
    So Rog' - before the maroon outrage bus pulls up. Why do you hate Paras?
    Failed P Company perchance? Or are you just a lazy journo out for a bite?
  12. Perhaps the MODs should put this thread to bed.

    FWIW I always check the date the poster joined ARRSE and how many times he's posted before responding to posts like these. It is pretty obvious who the trolls and t*ssers are...

  13. Fire up the outrage bus. FFS lads, flaming isn't a new sport - posting a full page diatribe isn't going to make a troll go away.
  14. It is remarkable how quickly a tread will fill with military fantasists and wannabes when certain high profile regiments are mentioned.

    It is telling that most of those replying to the OP have chosen to either insult or threaten me rather than countering what was alleged with serious argument.