Bloody Sunday,the truth???

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ABF9, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. One of the worst moments in the History of the Para Reg or is there more to it?

    When I used to buy books about British Airborne forces I would alway look to see what it says about bloody sunday first.

    If it said somthing along the lines of "the para's killed 13 IRA men " I would know straight away the book was not worth having.Just para reg PR not a serious read.

    I am interested to know your views on this controversial topic.
  2. :yawnstretch:

    Why don't you start us off with a detailed and non-Para Reg PR view then - or are you just after starting a contentious thread with a bone question so that you can walk away and watch the bickering?

  3. I am just interested in the views that people have.

    I have read a lot about this on the internet and from books on the subject writen by Bitish and Irish.

    One thing that I found out was that a few shots were fired at the paras that day that could have lead to the violence starting or at least making it worse.

    Another thing was that it appeared that most of the shooting was done by only 5 o 6 1para soldiers who seemed out of control on the day.
  4. I met one chap who was there on the day and he told me his story, I saw a rather good docudrama on it and both his story and the docudrama matched. I also read a lot of the eveidence of the inquirey, which, quite surprisingly also matched the chap I met and the docudrama story.

    I hope a certain person who ran and knelt by a low wall and opened fire on unarmed civilians has been able to live with himself these past 36 years without the needless deaths caused that day or deaths as a follow-on and retaliation for that day on playing on his mind every waking hour!
  5. I know this is a very toutchy subject for a lot of people for different reasons.

    But this incident led to the resergence of the IRA and to the spreading of violence.

    I think its important that we face up to the truth even if we dont like what we find.
  6. I know only this:

    The Army was fired on by persons unknown, and responded in kind.

    All of those killed were male and of an age (oldest early 40s, I think?) to be "players". No women; no children; no elderly were shot.

    A lot of forensic evidence/ opinion regarding location of killing shots, possible previous handling of weapons/ explosives by the dead etc has not been properly aired/ submitted to unbiased scrutiny/ interrogation.

    Number of rounds fired by Army on that day: even the wildest allegations have yet to come close to a figure commensurate with the suggestion that this was a platoon, let alone larger formation, of troops "out of control" or engaged in a killing frenzy. Do you really think that had this been the case there would only have been 13 dead? Go figure - as the Yanks say.
  7. Did not say a platoon.

    I said 5 or 6 out of control soldiers.

    I know from my own time in the army,the number of rounds you are issued is not always the number of rounds that you are carrying.

    The fact they were all male proves nothing.In a fucked up sort of way they might have thought it imoral to shoot women or children.

    If you read a report given by a para there at the time he said word to the affect that he wanted to fire his wepon but he could see any targets and he could not see what the others were shooting at.
  8. You 'know'?

    Explain, just how do you know? Were you there? Who/what is you source? Do you have more than one source?

    Responded in kind? 13 Para Regt soldiers weren't shot that day my friend... but a good few more were in the years to come!
  9. And that's the chap I met! Ended up knowing him quite well for a while too!
  10. I have read pages and pages of both the inquests into the shootings.Plus books writen by all sides of the argument.All of what I have said is in the public domain.

    As I have already said the para's were shot at a few times,its just a question of when and was there respons resonable.
  11. If this incident,which took place in 1972 led to the resurgence of the IRA and the spreading of violence, why was I there in 1970?
  12. MMG was the "brigade" cdr of the IRA in Stroke City that day. They had weapons and good vantage points. They also managed to remove any evidence of this before the firing had died down. Several eye-witnesses have testified to the fact that the IRA fired first.
  13. Supporting the RUC i believe , they were a bit overrun and military assistance was required ,thats what my father said he went for .
    The Bloody sunday incident was a boost in the area for PIRA in the Derry area ,who were previously going through a stale patch as their members were getting interned or caught , afterwards they had people queuing up apparently.
    It didnt help the inquiry said that some were unarmed and the coroner who was ex army thought it was murder .

    I wasnt there so i only have what i have been told by those who were there and the stuff i have read and seen on telly .Wiki is good for those who dont know about the incident to get a heads up .
  14. Just wait until Ancient Hushpuppy wakes up/shakes off his medication. Then we'll get the real story!
  15. This is true, it also happened when the IRA bombed Belfast, and the Red Hand Commandos and the UVF had Protestants queueing up to join.